It’s a wrap


While I was browsing on Pinterest I found some more gift wrapping ideas, take a look.
Use magazines,quotes on paper or comics for a great look.
Old maps can be used to wrap gifts, if you are giving any car related gifts this would be great.
This looks so classy, also black with a red ribbon would look stunning too, you can get printed ribbon online or in craft stores, you can personalise ribbon too if you order online.
I think this is a cute idea, plain wrapping with each persons initails on the gift.
What a great idea, kids would love this!
How about this for wrapping a bottle of something nice, take a pair of new knee high socks put the bottle in one and use the other to tie the top, 2 gifts in one, I think that is a fab idea
If you have a few sweaters that have seen better days cut off the sleeves and sew them to make a woolly wine bag, love this !
And lastly a great idea for presenting men with a bottle, use old shirts or raid the charity shop and cut off the sleeves ( keep the rest in your carft stash it may come in handy) sew to make a bag to pop the wine in, what a fun idea.
I hope you like the ideas I have found, I will be using a few myself, and you can adapt some of them for other occasions, I think the wrapping is just as important and if you are giving a gift that didn’t cost that much the wrapping makes it more expensive looking.
X Dawn

My next Christmas post will be home made beauty gift ideas


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