Brown paper packages tied up with string.


If you have a collection of odd rolls or sheets of Christmas gift wrap that has seen better days or have ever started to wrap a gift and realised you haven’t enough on the roll then maybe this will be to your liking.You do not have to go and spend loads at the craft shop, most of us have string,ribbon and buttons lying around and if you don’t then a visit to a Pound store,charity shop or market to pick up a few items won’t be too much of a chore or break the bank.
If you are into vintage,shabby chic,minimalism or modern style with a roll of brown paper and a little bit of imagination or a visit to Pinterest (search brown paper gift wrap) you can create these…
This is a simple idea but I think it is quite classy looking, using tape or ribbon and stickers or die cut labels on the wrapped gift.

You can pick up a Christmas stamp and ink that will last for quite a few years in a craft shop or you may already have one, you could even use a star shaped pastry cutter and some paint you have in the garage, measure out the size of brown paper you need for each gift, stamp the image as many times as you like and leave to dry, wrap and finish off with a ribbon and tag.The children could help with the stamping.
I love this idea, you can buy a pack of paper doilies from the party section in poundland, you can either cut them up for smaller gifts or use them whole,stick them on the wrapped gift and tie with string. I think they look so pretty.
I am in love with this idea and this will be my gift wrap this Christmas, using vintage style images,craft paper and tags you can create these pretty parcels.
So simple but so stylish, using ribbon,parcel tags and a button, how easy is that?6e05fd53c4a657973cde2478f5a94670
This idea is so pretty,fabric or ribbon flowers,stamped images and paper make this a very pretty looking gift.
A more masculine gift wrap made easy,ribbon and holly or any greenery would look nice.
If you have a stash of ribbons and bows you can come up with some really pretty designs.Imaging those under the tree this year.

If you struggle with wrapping save any boxes you have or get between now and when you start wrapping, you can put anything in a box (doesnt matter what box)it will make the gift much easier to wrap.or buy gifts that are already in a box,I hate struggling with akward shaped gifts,the paper tears or it looks untidy.
These ideas are not just for Christmas, look out for pretty ribbons,stamps,re use images from old cards,flowers or lace to create some lovely gift wrap for any occasion.
You can buy brown paper from Poundland or online if you want a larger roll.
Look out for my next gift wrap idea post coming soon.
x Dawn


7 thoughts on “Brown paper packages tied up with string.

  1. samantha roberts

    I love this Dawn! So pretty and so simple

    Personally I think I am going to go the brown paper and doily route for family because I think it looks pretty.

    Another one I have found with brown paper – is if you find an initial stamp – so for instance like I would have a H for Holly, and wrap the gift with ribbon and instead of a gift tag , just stamp the letter offset on the gift. Plenty of fun for the kids then too looking for their letters and it makes gift opening last longer 🙂


    • dawn060861

      Yes the initial stamp is a fab idea, I love them all but think I am doing the vintage style x thanks for the comment Sam


  2. Oooooo, I think the outside of the present is just as important as the inside 🙂 Love these ideas. As for gift tags…one year I had managed (not intentionally) to catch at least one really silly photo of everyone in the family at some time or other, so when Christmas rolled around, I decided to put their photo on the package instead of their name. Even the little ones that couldn’t read yet knew just which one belonged to whom.


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