20 facts about me, just for fun


I have a King Charles Spaniel called Alfie, he is 6 years old and helped me get over my life long phobia of dogs after being quite badly bitten on my hand by my Grandmother’s dog when I was about 8.

I do not like the colour Burgundy, random I know but just don’t like it.

I have 3 grown up Son’s they are 30,28 and 25 they were all delivered by c-section

I am allergic to plasters and rhubarb.

I love candles, Yankee is my favourite.

I love shoes and bags and have a nice collection of both but could always make room for more.

I don’t drive, I failed my test over 25 years ago and never took another, it doesn’t really bother me because there are so many idiots on the road.

I used to be agoraphobic, which was a result of severe post natal depression, after a very traumatic c-section, not just the baby blues, I could not leave the house for some time and when I did I couldn’t go out alone, it lasted a number of years.

I can’t draw but wish I could, my Dad can draw and had several failed attempts to teach me.

I love coffee but can’t stand tea.

I am maths illiterate and do not know my times tables (hangs head in shame), long story but I had a rubbish maths teacher.

I have never or never will swim in the sea, Jaws ruined that for me, also you are swimming in a giant fish bowl with god only knows what.

I suffer from motion sickness.

I love to cook, and eat!

I love to hand write letters, I don’t do it much but love getting hand written letters too.

I have one Sister Tracy who is 2 years younger than me, My Mum lost a Son before I was born he was still born.

My favourite childhood book was The Borrowers by Mary Norton.

I can’t eat dark green cabbage, however it is cooked I find so bitter.

I make a great Cosmopolitan, it is one of my favourite cocktails

I have always wanted to visit New York at Christmas time, I love Christmas and would love to see the store fronts decorated, see the tree in Times Square and go to Serendipity and to the top of the Empire State Building. I think I have seen too many movies, can you tell?

There you go 20 facts about me, care to join in?
x Dawn


2 thoughts on “20 facts about me, just for fun

  1. I loved The Borrowers! My husband and I went to see Jaws on our first date and went to the beach the next day. And I love to write and receive letters. This year makes my third of doing 52 letters in 52 weeks. I was running behind all this year, but as of today I mailed letter number 40. So one letter per week through the end of the year will see a success.


  2. denise nicholls

    you didn’t mention anything about Christmas!
    I love coffee and hate tea too
    I never knew you were agoraphobicon

    I want to go to serendipity too..its on my list ever since seeing the movie serendipity …one day (sigh….) but now I have been to shere where the holiday was filmed (I am shocked you didn’t mention the holiday too), one of both of our favourite movies x


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