A good loss this week, love Slimming World meals


1234270_10201045839160668_2063278057_nI went to my weigh in last night and had a 2lb loss I am so pleased, I have cooked loads of great food and have not been hungry once,I make all meals from scratch, I do not buy ready meals or cook in sauces now. I have made blue cheese stuffed burgers, lamb hot pot, home made pizza,steak and baked potato,sausage with mash and caramalised onion gravy and a chilli this week. Breafasts have been french toast,porridge and a big fry up, wraps,sandwiches and baked potato for lunch and snacks including,chocolate,fruit,yogurt and crisps. I have had no wine even though I could but decided not to and it had paid off.
Here are my weigh in results so far
Wk 1 – 5lb off
Wk 2 – 1/2 lb off ( 3 food based events and I didnt plan ahead)
Wk 3 – 2 1/2lb off – got my half a stone award
wk 4 – 2 1/2 lb on (went away and had lots of wine,and the biggest coffee and walnut cake I have ever seen!)
wk 5 – 2lb off
I have my 2 Grandaughter’s coming for tea and thay have requested wraps,I will have wraps with them and I will still be on plan 100% , I have left over chilli and rice from last night for lunch, I always make more so I can have it the next day it is really nice and syn free. (syns are part of Slimming Worlds food optimising plan)
Looking forward to meal planning this week and looking in my recipe books and magazines for ideas, I have lots of recipe books and most things can be adapted to the SW way of cooking, the chilli I make is a Jamie Oliver recipe I use fry light instead of olive oil and it is just as tasty. It is also in the SW magazine,I have a few things I want to try and I will put my meal plan in my next SW post.
x Dawn


2 thoughts on “A good loss this week, love Slimming World meals

  1. Oh my goodness – the food sounds scrummy and you say you’re dieting? It doesn’t sound like any kind of diet I know. If this is dieting, count me in.


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