Slimming World journey continued


My “before” pic, using this picture to spur me on amongst others which I would not dare post,maybe when I get to target but I would not inflict them on anyone, I hate having my photograph taken!
Welcome to my Slimming World Page, It is about my Slimming World journey, pics of meals I have made and other members (with their consent) have made,recipes too.
11th Sept ’13
This weeks meal plan (gained at weigh in on Wednesday but we were away so back on plan)
Thursday – Steak,baked potato with fake sour cream and chives, onions,mushrooms,corn on cob and salad
Friday– Wrap pizza topped with ham,mushrooms,onions and peppers,slimming world chips and salad
Saturday – Blue cheese stuffed beef burger, SW chips and salad
Sunday – lamb hot pot
Monday – Garlic and herb philly stuffed chicken wrapped in bacon with new potatoes and salad
Tuesday – Sausage, mashed potatoes,carotts and swede with onion gravy
Wednesday – Chilli Con Carne and boiled rice (my weigh in day)

Not bad for a so called diet !

4th Sept ’13
I got my half stone award , 8lb off in 3 weeks, I had 3 food based events in week 2 and only lost half a pound but made up for it in week 3 and lost 2 and 1/2lb


Aug ’13
I was reluctant about re-joining Slimming World (again) but I took the plunge 2 weeks ago and joined my local group,I know most of the members as I am a re-joiner and our Consultant Dawn is fab and like me is a addicted to food,she has been there done that and has heard every excuse in the book, she tells it like it is but listens to you and has been known to get tips and recipes from members too.We have our own group Facebook page where we put photo’s of meals we have cooked and recipes and support,I am in it for the long haul now.
It is not a diet but a lifestyle change,I wouldn’t call what I am eating a diet at all in 2 weeks I have lost 5 and a 1/2 lb, the 2nd week I had 3 events that were not slimming world friendly hence the 1/2lb loss.
On Sunday for brunch I did a fry up and french toast and it was so tasty and filling.
My fry up,Slimming World friendly, followed by french toast and strawberries.
I have no excuse for not following the plan because as you can see look what I can have. I have cut out wine, maybe the odd glass which is quite high in syns but you can have it if you want it.
This week I am making Jamie Oliver’s chilli (using frylight instead of olive oil and tomato puree insted of sundried tomoatoes in oil),a cottage pie,salmon and potato cakes and a pizza with a wrap as a base, I tweak my favourtie recipes and they usually work out ok, John is my tester and it is not often I get a thuumbs down.
I will be adding pictures and recipes to this page so please come back
x Dawn


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