family gift ideas


If like me money is still tight, or even if it isn’t you may find a few helpful ideas here.
I have a Christmas gift list that is as long as my arm and forever growing so I have decided to do some family/couples gifts instead of buying individual gifts,I wouldn’t mind getting any of them.
Many supermarkets sell gift cards eith with a pre-loaded amount or you can chose how much you want to add to the card. I think these are a great if you are stuck for ideas, you can get I tune vouchers,restaurant cards etc.
So here are a few ideas.
A family cinema pass – great for movie lovers of all ages.
A Gift card for a family meal at Pizza Express, Pizza Hut,table,Table or other restaurants, have a look in the supermarket as there are loads to chose from.
A family ticket to a local attraction(theme park, water world,sea world etc)
A family ticket for a theatre production, check yout local theatre does this and they will send you a programme so you can chose a show that is suitable.
A fun family snaps kit – get some disposable cameras(they come with developing costs if you buy them from one of the high street photo shops) but a nice photo album a photo frame and you could even get some silly props form Poundland, wigs and silly glasses etc for fun shots
A professional family photo shoot – local photographers may do a package where you get a framed photo free and you are under no obligation to buy any more shots unless you want to.
A family hamper buy a nice box of biscuits,some chocolates,sweets,mince pies and a Christmas cake and present them in a nice box (you can cover a cardboard box wrapped in nice paper)
A family game night kit buy a board game,some bags of popcorn(Poundland) large bags of sweets(poundland)large bag of kettle style crisp and a large bag of kids crisps, add a bottle of wine and a big bottle of pop for the kids and you have a great gift.
For couples
If you have a couple to buy for here are a few ideas
Breakfast kit,(buy this last minute as the food will have a use by date), buy some croissants,bagels,muffins,nice jam and marmalade and a bottle of bucks fizz for a special breakfast gift.
Meal and a show giftcard – cards available at local supermarkets or online
Couples massage session treat your friends to a couples massage, get a voucher from your local salon
Dinner on us gift contact local restaurants to see if they offer vouchers for meals, what a great treat!
Afteroon tea for 2 – you can buy a voucher online or contact a local place directly for a voucher for afternoon tea.
A couples portrait as above just for couples instead of for a family.
I hope you find this helpful, I love planning for the big day and love putting together baskets so I will be posting more ideas soon. x Dawn


3 thoughts on “family gift ideas

  1. Lovely ideas, am going to bookmark this one to come back to when it’s a bit nearer Christmas. Am trying not to buy very much yet, as we may move before Xmas! x


  2. denise nicholls

    I did a family movie night hamper. I included a gift voucher for a pizza delivery place ( I called dominoes and they didn’t do vouchers but they printed a compliment slip out and presented it in a pizza box along with free keyrings, stickers and balloons)a blockbuster rental voucher and family bags of sweets and popcorn and fizzy drinks that was a good one for a family with a house full of teeanagers..
    love your ideas though dawnx


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