Summer is almost over…already?


I just can’t believe it is the 30th of August already,the children will be starting back to school next week,I think that the school holiday’s have gone so fast,but then again I haven’t had to keep 3 kids amused for 6 weeks(I rememebr that well),the shops will be full of Halloween goods and then…dare I say it …Christmas,although some shops do have Christmas cards already!
I love the Summer and what we have had in the way of sunshine was nice but not enough of it.
We are going to Weymouth next week for a long weekend next week and I just hope we can get a few sunny days,we are in a bed and breakfast so we have to amuse ourselves for the whole day and walking around in the rain just won’t do.
When we get back we will be getting the house ready for Autum/Winter,we have not had a duvet on our bed for a while just a sheet because John and I can’t sleep if we are too warm and I am having hot flushes…oh the joys of being over 50, but will need to get the duvet out, I do love going to bed early on a chilly night and snuggling under the duvet to watch TV or read a book.I have a leather sofa and chairs and have throws for when it it is chilly but want a really nice blanket, I love the hand knitted look ones and am on the look out for one. When we took the carpet and underlay out of the living room and put down the wooden floor we were left with gaps under the doors so we have to use draft excluders during the winter as we were quite surprised how much cold came in, we have 2 doors in the living room, one quite near the front door and one leading to the kitchen and back door and we have a flow of cold air if we don’t use them. I like getting warmer scents for the home, my plug-in’s and candles during the Summer are floral or fresh,clean linen by Yankee is my all time favourite,and I like cirtus in the kitchen but I replace them with warmer scents in the living room and foodie baking type aroma’s in the kitchen,Vanilla cupcake mmmm I do not like spicy aroma’s that have clove in them though they just don’t do anything for me.I will keep clean linen in the bedroom though as I love it. I have the Yankee electric plug in’s upstairs and lots of candles downstairs.
I will do a wardrobe swap around,I wear layers so can wear a lot of clothes all year round but my cropped trousers and jeans that I live in during the summer will go away,and my longer cardigans that I wear with t shirt and jeans will replace my shrugs and cropped knitwear.I need some new trousers but as I am dieting I am determined not to buy too many Winter clothes until I drop a dress size. I need some new ankle boots too as my old comfy ones bit the dust. I have ordered a new longer length mac online,I have a short one but that has seen better days, it is a cream and black one, I think everyone should have a classic mac in their wardobe, they go with everything,as I said I don’t cope well in the heat and can’t wear a heavy coat and when shopping if I have a heavy coat I end up carrying it as it is so warm in the shops so my new mac will be perfect, when we go to the large shopping centre I don’t bother with a coat I will just wear a cardigan.
I love making soup and although I eat soup in the Summer I love a steaming bowl of soup on a chilly day, I make a nice roasted butternut squash and red pepper soup and a thick and creamy leek and potato soup.
So enjoy what we have left of Summer, what do you do to prepare for Autum/Winter ?
x Dawn


6 thoughts on “Summer is almost over…already?

  1. Summer has gone by in a flash, hasn’t it? I do at least feel we’ve had a summer though, unlike the last few years! Never heard of Yankee plug-ins, going to google them now, sounds like a great idea. Have a good weekend x


  2. I have an affinity for new coats and jackets…always searching for the perfect one. It is really wishful thinking that I need a coat at all…we are rarely cold enough to need one. My best friend has had a coat for over ten years (maybe twenty!) that I have always loved. This year I found one in a catalog that looks really similar, so of course had to order it.

    It is still over a hundred degrees here, but we always (knock on wood) have a cool front before September is over, so I am happy that September is here!


  3. Hi Dawn glad I found your blog, I remember seeing you had one from Instagram but kept forgetting to track you down! I am about to start using my Yankee candle, its the first time I have had one of these, my dear old Mum bought it for me as my SIL is selling them. I have autumn bliss, I hope it’s nice! I feel for you with the hot flushes and night sweats, mine started at 46, gutted! Sleep has been a nightmare for me this summer. xx


  4. dawn060861

    I love Yankee and I hope you do to, They smell fab and last for ages ! Mine has been going on for 2 years and night times are murder and when it is muggy it is worse, great that you found my blog, I love yours x


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