August Bank Holiday and weight loss


This weekend in the UK is August Bank Holiday and I can’t belive that Summer is almost over,where has the time gone?.Today it is raining,no suprise there then.
I am going to a charity function later today in someone’s garden they have a really large gazeebo and I think they are going to need it,it is in aid of the wonderful Macmillan Nurses who help patients who have cancer and there families, I hope we get to raise lots of much needed funds.
I am not sure what we are doing tomorrow, we might go to a market and bootsale. Monday we are staying in as we have lots of jobs to get done around the house,we are going away for a few nights in September as John has 2 weeks off work.

I have caved…I have been battling with my weight since my kids were born and last year I had had enough of dieting but last Wednesday I re-joined Slimming World and it was my first weigh in on Wednesday and I had lost 5lb,it is not a diet it is just a different way of eating and cooking, I have have had chilli,stir fry’s,roast dinners,chips, yes chips, chocolate and even crisps, I was expecting around 2lb off and was flabergasted when Vicky told me it was 5lb, go me !
I love Slimming world but did get a bit rebelious and had put on 2 stone in 18 months of not going so now I have even more to lose, My good friend has just lost 4 and 1/2 stone, is she can do it I can.
We are going abroad next year and we are re-newing our wedding vows in Tenerife, I am so excited (one of the reasons for going back to slimming world the other health reasons) as we have not been able to afford to go anywhere,a few years ago John lost his haulage business,he has been self employed for 25 yeas and we had always had a nice lifestyle,not rich by any means but we were able to pay off our mortgage,afford 2 holidays a year,shopping trips to France and buy a caravan and not struggle to pay bills,then it all came crashing down,the cost of keeping his business going when the work was not coming in was getting out of hand and eating in to our savings,he had little or no work and we were getting into difficulies so he had to sell up, we ended up with very little money after him working so hard for us for all of those years,it got so desperate that he got a job that he still has and the pay is rubbish,we were in debt and he got paid on a Friday morning and by Friday afternoon it was nearly all gone, we sold our caravan to get through Christmas and the first few months of 2012 ,I remember one week having paid all our bills and food shop having 17p left to last a week,we are slowly paying all our debts and getting back on track and one thing to come out of all of this is that we are so less wastefull and are so organised when it comes to paying bills and we do not take anything for granted, we are still on a budget and if we are starting to save again, we are not getting any younger and want to move next year.
So we are scrimping and saving and I have a little vintage business which is just getting off the ground and we are getting there slowly.I cant wait to go away and know we dont owe anyone anything ( we had never been in debt before this), which by 2104 we should have paid every debt we have,there is no shame in it but we felt so ashamed, we never went out, dreaded Birthday’s and it made us so depressed. I know we are not the only ones and we there is nothing we could have done to save the business and that is now in the past and we are looking forward to the future, we are happy and healthy thank goodness. x Dawn


3 thoughts on “August Bank Holiday and weight loss

  1. Congratulations…on the weight loss AND paying down your debt…two very difficult things!

    My husband’s first career ended about fifteen years ago, and he took a big step backward and has never made it up. Really hard to see him working so hard.

    And if I don’t lose weight, I will be an immobile lump before long!


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