A proposal and romantic gestures.


My Nephew Lee, 25 a gas engineer and his Girlfriend lindsay ,25 an English teacher in a secondary school,came back this weekend from a 2 week holiday in Skiathos Greece,whilst there Lee proposed in,what I think, a very romantic way.They were walking on the beach at sunset and Lindsay found a bottle (she thought it had been washed up on the beach) she was so excited as she thought it was a genuine message in a bottle,the word love was on the outside,I do not know what type of bottle as my Sister didn’t say. When she opened it Lee had written will you marry me Lindsay on the message inside.she said yes! I think that was so romantic. My Sister is delighted, they are planning to marry in 2015. How lovely? I have the honour of making the save the date card and Invitations….fab!
Congratulations Lee and Lindsay on your engagement.

John doesn’t do massive romantic gestures but it is the little things,he will leave me little notes around the house,he sometimes puts a flower by my coffee cup when he leaves for work,he tells me I am beautiful(needs specs) all the time,we hold hands and he rings me every day to tell me he loves me.The most romantic thing we has done is when we were on holiday in Menorca we were walking on a little beach and the bar across the road was playing a ballard, John asked, will you dance with me ? so we were dancing on the beach at midnight in the moon light, I think it was so romantic.
x Dawn


3 thoughts on “A proposal and romantic gestures.

  1. Oh, that IS romantic! As is your beach dance by moonlight.

    My husband and I once went out with some friends to a little country road and set off fireworks. (Now that may sound risque, but no, it was actual fireworks.) And while the car radio played, we danced on the road under the fireworks… That is, my husband’s best friend danced with me while husband (then boyfriend) was completely focused on managing the fireworks display. You would think I would have gotten a hint before I followed through with the wedding. πŸ™‚ But he is still just like that, always focused on the job at hand, and I’ve put up with it for 37 years now, because, you know, there is something to be said for a honey-do list with everything scratched off. πŸ™‚ I always say that I have never had to nag in my life, because if I ask once for him to do something, it is done before I have a chance to turn around.


  2. dawn060861

    LOL I have a list as long as my arm but he has so many jobs that need to be finished that he is too scared to look at it! he has all the good intentions and buys the stuff we need for the job and it just sits in the garage ! , thanks for the reply x


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