A few more container gift ideas


Here are a few more container gift ideas, I love giving gift baskets,look for bargain buys, you can pick up bits and bobs for various basket gifts everywhere, Pound shops are sometimes full of junkie stuff but look out because they have some goodies too,nail files,foot files,manicure stuff,body lotions, stationery,stickers,pens,candles etc,also look out for baskets,containers etc at boot sales or charity shops. I have a couple of large plastic boxes in a built in wardrobe to store gift items in that I buy throughout the year.

Tea lovers basket – 2 tea cups and saucers (vintage ones from charity shop around £1) various teas,breakfast tea,green tea and fruit teas can be picked up very cheaply, if you buy loose tea don’t forget a tea strainer or even a tea pot. Include some nice biscuits,and a nice fruit cake (make sure it is in date)or a home made one, fill the basket with shredded paper and top with a pretty tea towel to rest the gifts on and wrap in cellophane and a bow.
The tea basket can be changed to coffee and get some pretty coffee mugs instead of tea cups and add some coffee syrups they are around £3 each.
Hot chocolate basket– A mug (or 2) a nice tub of hot chocolate, Green and Blacks or Thorntons are really nice, add a packet of mini marsh mallows,a nice bar of chocolate and a mini grater,you can also add a chocolate flavoured candle…aroma not taste..you know what I mean!

A movie night in, get a DVD or gift voucher from a store that sells DVD’s,get a few popcorn boxes(online really cheaply)you can get larger ones to use as the container online, a couple of bags of popcorn (various flavours from 99p) some large share bags of sweets, m and m’s, malteesers, starburst etc,bags of nacho’s, 2 large bottles of coke or any other soft drink (beer and mini bottle of wine for adults) put shredding in a bucket or basket and fill with the gifts and wrap in cellophane and bow.

A few quickies, a mini gift for a man,woman or child,a sock cup cake, get some cupcake wrappers or silicone ones from the poundshop, they have them in various colours, get a pair of fluffy socks and roll them up pull the centre of the roll slightly higher than the rest to resemble icing on a cupcake and tuck into the cupcake holder, wrap in cellophane,good for a stocking filler or a mini gift.You can use a tie instead of socks.

Teenage gift in a mug, Teenagers can be hard to buy for, a gift card for i tunes, a games shop or clothing shop can be picked up at the supermarket now, you can get a nice mug and fill with shredded paper and stuff the mug with the gift card,bubble gum,lip gloss,or a nail polish(girl) mini head phones for a boy or girl, a few small bars of chocolate and wrap, they look great.

If you use your imagination there are hundreds of variations and a lot of things can be used as a container, a beanie hat can hold gloves and a scarf, a large frying pan can house cooking utensils and a recipe book and spices, a cake stand with a mini cake recipe book and spatula.A plant pot can house garden themed gifts.
I am always on the look out for bargains and pretty fillers and wrapping and ribbon, you can make your own tags to match the theme of the gift.
Christmas is not that far off and love it or hate it if we plan ahead and get started now we won’t be running around like headless chickens in December, we can enjoy the festivites knowing we have it all done.
x Dawn


One thought on “A few more container gift ideas

  1. I really like these. I have been wanting to do a tea lover’s gift for a particular friend for years, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. And I just saw some popcorn containers the other day…that would be a great one for the grandkids.


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