Happy Rudolph Day…Container gifts…jar gifts and more


Happy Rudolph Day…today is the 25th of the month, I am a member of an online group called Organised Christmas Elves (find us on facebook) and we as the name suggests get organised for the big day,have tips and plans to ensure we are ready ahead of time and swap ideas too, we do something Christmassy on the 25th, I love Christmas and anything to do with it.Today as part of my Rudolph Day I am writing this post and looking for ideas for the school Christmas fair cake stall which I organise as a member of the P.F.A.

I love container gifts, gifts in jars,baskets etc and here are a few ideas, some I have done or will be doing this year.
These can be adapted to suit age/gender/hobby but just to give you an idea…if you get stuck feel free to message me and I can come up with an idea for a friend or family member for you.

I love Journal jars, A jar full of questions that the recipient then chooses and it is a prompt for a journal entry,the gift is a jar you can decorate with a label ribbons etc,a journal, either a note book you have decorated to match the jar or a nice one from a shop and a matching pen.
Question ideas (I would do a question a week but you could do more)
1.What was your favourite family holiday?
2.Who was your favourite teacher and why?
3.What was the first thing you ever cooked?
4.Where did you grow up and what memories do you have ?
5.What job have you had that you enjoyed the most?
6.Do you have a smell or smells that remind you of a certain time in your life?
etc , write them on little paper shapes and put into the jar, you can uses shredded coloured paper and confetti shapes to make the jar look pretty.
journal jar

Flower pot gift, I gave one of these to my Dad for Father’s Day some time ago and he was delighted with it. I stenciled a large terecotta pot with Dad and an Ivy leaf design, I filled it with shredded brown paper as a base for the gifts, I added plant feed, seeds,gloves,trowel,plant sticks,string, a spray bottle,and garden netting. I made a tag from a plant stick which I attached with string. You could also add a garden journal or garden planner if it will fit.
gardeners basket
Gift for a foodie
There are so many ideas for foodie gifts here are a few , they can be adapted to suit recipient.
Home made flavoured oils in a fancy bottle, make a tag and attach with string.
Family ice cream sundae basket,a basket or container filled with pretty sundae glasses and spoons,sprinkles,wafers,sauces,chopped nuts and glace cherries all they will need is ice cream…you could add a supermarket voucher for that.
Bakers gift bowl,get a pretty mixing bowl,retro is quite the thing now, fill it with a rolling pin,pallete knife, spatula,cutters,sprinkles,ready made icing,piping bag and nozzles, pretty cake cases etc
I am doing this one for my nephew is a very good cook, he lives at home but is planning to move out in the next year.
Italian foodie gift, A collander is used as a recepticle and fill it with fancy pasta,peppers in a jar,dried chillies,oils,pesto,balsamic vinegar,olives,artichoke hearts in oil,anchovies in a jar, a fine grater for parmesan and a pasta sauce recipe book.
pasta gift
Pedicure basket, fill a pretty basket with slippers, foot file, foot scrub,foot soak,foot cream,nail files,nail polish etc
Readers basket,get a nice basket fill it with a throw, mug,hot chocolate, a nice candle,some comfy socks and a few books or a gift card to a book store, they can snuggle up with a good read.
All the items you put into the gifts can be found quite cheaply, look out for offers now and as long as the items are not perishable stock up.
I will do another container gift post soon, here are a two quickies
Traffic Jam…large plastic jar, filled with toy cars,road signs etc and make a label “Traffic Jam” and stick on the front of the jar, you could use a key ring as a tag.Kids will love this.
Decorate your jeans jar, for girlie girls, get a plastic jar and add patches that can be sewn onto jeans or denim jackets, fabric pens, glitter pens that are made for fabric amd stick on gems, you could even make little denim sqaures out of an old pair of jeans
x Dawn


6 thoughts on “Happy Rudolph Day…Container gifts…jar gifts and more

  1. I love giving and receiving gifts like these! Last year for Christmas, I gave my three grandsons wooden treasure boxes filled with chocolate coins and other candies they like, gift cards for video games and e-books, and small jewel-like Christmas ornaments.

    Your ideas here are great, and they really get the wheels turning. I’m thinking now about what I can put together for a co-worker who loves reading and pets. Part of the fun of these gifts are starting early and keeping your eyes open for the next great ingredient. 🙂

    Looking forward to your next post about container gifts.


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