John’s Birthday weekend etc….


School fair
Firstly I am pleased to report that the School summer fair went great we made over £700 which was great, I know this sounds odd but it was too warm, the kids were flaking and the chocolate lollies and cupcake icing was melting! we have Gazeebo’s but it was far too warm, we were grateful we were not flooded out like last year, we just go from one extreme to the other. We booked rides which the kids loved and the ice cream man was popular ! We were on the sports field so we had no shade, we are getting a few more gazeebo’s in the sales as we can use them next year.

John’s Birthday
It is John’s Birthday tomorrow and we are spending the day in Lichfield, we are going to the last day of the festival,there will be a vintage tea party, a picnic area, music and stalls. I have planned a picnic lunch and then we will have afternoon tea at the festival. I am looking forward to it and John is too, we like looking around the town and we always visit the Cathedral. I am getting up early and going to get the picnic food so it is nice and fresh and John will be dropping my dog Alfie off at my parents as they are dog sitting for the day. I am planning layered salads served in jars, quiche,cheeses and bread etc and we have to have Birthday cup cakes. I have little bottles that look like old fashioned school milk bottles and paper straws for some sparkling apple juice, we will probably have a nice cold cider when we get home as John is driving, I will post photos on Sunday.
I have just got all my jars/bottles/tablecloth/napkins and a few other bits and bibs ready, the ice packs are in the freezer. I love picnics and this will be the first of the year.

My nails update
I have been struggling to grow my nails all of my adult life, I can grow the nails but they always split or peel and I end up picking them (bad habit),I have been applying nail hardner for a few days and I have suffered realy sore cuticles, I have sensitive skin so I think I have had a reaction so I am stopping using the hardener and am going to treat my cuticles and hope for the best, I have in the past worn false nails or had nail tips applied and have quite a collection of nail varnish and can’t wait to get my nails into a decent condition and paint them, I don’t want talons just a decent healthy looking nail.

I am reading 100 names by Cecelia Ahern and although I have not read as much as I had liked I am enjoying the book, I used to read a lot and used to get through 1 or 2 books a week but got out of the habit but I really want to get back into my reading as I used to love switching off and losing myself in a good book. I have quite a few waiting to be read and am always updating my “To read” list.
I could not imagine never reading a book, from when I was young I have always loved books and have been an avid reader most of my life.

I love this photo of Lichfield Cathedral and it is where we are going tomorrow.


have a good weekend, Dawn x


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