Yeah we have sunshine


It is so lovely to wake up to sunshine, it is much needed today,I am a member of the PFA of my Grandaughter’s Emily and Keah’s school and today is our Summer fair, last year was a wash out, we had rides booked and had to cancel them and we had to move all of the stalls into the hall, the heaven’s opened and it was one of the wetest days of the year. We have tea cup rides,mini roundabout,gladiator podium,goal shoot out, bouncy castle and giant inflateable slide,we have cake stall (manned by me and a few year 6 pupils), sweet tombola,books and toys,bottle stall,jewellery and crafts,nail bar,burger bar,candyfloss,tea stall and a dj,there are just 8 or 9 of us there today are at school most of the day getting everything sorted and we hope to make lots of money,the money we make goes back into the school and we pay for the leavers prom and gifts for year 6 leavers,they asked for autograph books. We have donated £500 to the sports coaches for a new football strip and sports equiptment and we pay for a Christmas breakfast and gift for each child. We have various fundraising events through the year and the children look forward to the Summer fair.

I am off to get ready as I have loads of things to sort out before going to school, coffee first.
Thanks for popping in, have a nice day , Dawn x


2 thoughts on “Yeah we have sunshine

    • dawn060861

      It went great lots of stalls and rides and kids had a great time I think we raised quite a bit. Will have final total on Monday x


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