Christmas in July…


Yes I know it is only July but those of you who know me well will know that I love Christmas and the prep and belong to a fun group called Organised Christmas Elves, I have been a member for a number of years, I love to have my Christmas all prepped and planned as soon as I can because even though I love Christmas I want to enjoy the run up to it and join in the festivities and not run around like a headless chicken doing last minute shopping and have a pile of presents to wrap on Christmas Eve.John and I go out for a meal Christmas Eve and I must admit feel a little smug knowing I have it all done and time to spare.
I shop all year starting in the sales after Christmas where I buy cards,I am a cardmker but do not make all of my Christmas cards,I buy wrapping paper and tags and gifts that have a shelf life if I see then on sale. I get BOGOF offers and love looking for bargains. I look for gifts all year and have a cupboard in the spare room where I store all of my finds. I look for new gift ideas and am obsessed with Jar and basket gifts…more on this in my next Christmas post.

I have a Christmas notebook which houses all of my lists,I am a list person and could not do Christmas without it.I will have a card list,gift list,ideas pages (where I keep ideas of gifts for certain people or gifts jars or basket ideas), baking list,Christmas menus, so here I will put meal plans from Christmas Eve until New years day. I have a shopping lists, food and non food. I have an events list, I am a member of Emily’s school’s PFA so we have lots of events to attend and organise so thses go on the list, also if there are any concerts, markets,Christmas films or events John and I will go to they go on the list. I also have a christmas decorating list where I put ideas or stuff I need, I have a jobs round the house list and list stuff that has to be done before the big day ( this list is massive as we always seem to have DIY projects on the go).
I also have a file on my lap top which houses ideas and pictures found on the web.

I started my Note book and so far I have a gift list,not what I am buying the person just names at the moment,and card list, this is forever changing but I have done one.
I have started collecting small gifts to put into jar or basket gift,(more of this in my next Christmas post)
Collecting jars and baskets and other recepticles for my gifts as I see them, I love bargains so will almost never pay full price for these.
My goal is to have all my gifts brought and wrapped (except food gifts) by the end of November…it can be done, so come back to see how I do it.
Organised Christmas Elves has a Facebook page, check it out, we don’t bite.
x Dawn


4 thoughts on “Christmas in July…

    • dawn060861

      I love them and have done quite a few, I look on the web for ideas but do have quite a long list of my own too. Feel free to share your ideas too x Dawn


  1. I am usually pretty good at getting the shopping done ahead of time, but I am TERRIBLE about not getting the wrapping done until the very last moment. This year I want to get everything wrapped and enjoy seeing the tree with everything under it.


    • dawn060861

      Thanks for the reply , I usually wait until I have say 6 gifts and wrap them in a batch then wait until I have 6 more and wrap that way I don’t have a massive pile. I have a notebook which I tick off gifts as I go so I won’t forget what I have wrapped. X Dawn


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