I need to therefore I will…


A few things I have to do and am making promises to myself to do the best I can so here goes….

I have high blood pressure and my weight and fitness is a contributing factor, I have said it many times and I am saying it again, I need to lose weight (I know how) and need to get fit (get off my a**e and onto the wii fit), I have to look after my health so I am embarking on a fitness regime once again.
John and I are renewing our marraige vows in Tenerife next June and want to look fab on that special day.

I have been trying to grow my nails for well, forever,they grow then split or I pick them,I am not a nail biter I just can’t seem to keep my nails looking nice. I have had false nails and nail tips in the past and they have contributed to the damage of my nails, I have to start looking after my nails so every night I am going to treat my cuticles and nails and apply hand cream, I long to post a picture of my nails wearing one of my pretty nail polishes , I have lots !

To have better time management, I waste so much time, pottering about doing nothing much and spending too much time on my phone/tablet and laptop. I have lists of jobs that need doing so I am working on ticking off those jobs off my list.

Keep my blog going and getting some followers, I have been posting a few pics on instagram and have quite a few followers so hope to make sure my blog is good enough to get some interest. I think I need to come up with interesting an fun topics. I don’t want to stop and start all the time , I am committed to my blog now. I love blogging and love reading blogs and hope mine isn’t too boring.

Post a lot more picturews of my cooking, I love cooking (and eating) and will make an effort to take more pics.

Post more about my business, I have a small craft business and it is going ok so I would like to keep people up to date with what is happening without being boring. I am branching out into different areas of vintage and want to share my journey.

Start reading again, I have lots of books waiting to be read, I have started 2 books recently and read the first few chapters and that is it, I love reading and am quite a quick reader once I get started, I have no idea why I stopped reading.
Thanks for reading, feel free to comment and I hope you come back x Dawn


5 thoughts on “I need to therefore I will…

  1. I could have written this post myself, Dawn!! I need to do all the things you need to, too – losing weight, getting a bit fitter, stop wasting time on the internet! How lovely you are renewing your vows next year, look forward to reading more about that.


  2. I also stopped reading somewhere over the past few years but have found joining a book club since moving to London has really helped! Best of luck, habits are hard to break.


    • dawn060861

      I am determined to get back into it and have so many books to read, I love to read and want to get back into the habit , thanks for the reply x Dawn


  3. Third times a charm, I hope…I keep trying to leave a comment on this post, and it keeps disappearing. Hope there’s not duplicates.

    Anyway, I wanted to say that my nails have always been rather weak, and lately have been dry, flaking at the tips, and splitting lengthwise. I started moisturizing with coconut oil (I’ve heard that olive oil is also good for them) about a month ago. They seem much better. Smoother with fewer ridges, no flaking, and no spitting. I think I may add a vitamin e to the moisturizing once in awhile.


    • dawn060861

      It came through ok. Coconut oil , I will try that thanks for the tip. I have never had pretty nails and am desperate to grow them. I am never having false nails or tips again x dawn


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