What I love about Summer


I know we have not had much in the way of sunshine but when it is a lovely sunny day I love..
*Sitting in the garden with a good book, I have loads of books to read and have to get back into it.
*Making ice cold coffee’s, I have a new coffee machine and will use the pods to make yummy Frappe’s.
*Go for a nice picnic, I have some cute picnic ideas that I want to try out and as John’s Birthday falls on a Saturday this year (In July) I am hoping we can go for a nice drive somewhere and a lovely picnic lunch.
*Going for some short breaks away, we are not going on a proper holiday this year so having a few breaks will be lovely and much needed and will use the offers I get to get some bargain breaks.
*Line drying my washing, I hate having washing hanging around the house and I love seeing a line full of washing drying outside.
*John does a lot of barbecue cooking, even though I do all the prep,love sitting out with a nice bottle of wine waiting for something yummy from the barbie.
*Having tanned legs, my legs are always so pale, I use tan accelorator when the sun comes out and put lots on my legs.
*No football on TV, John is forever checking the scores and tables and he has to watch games upstairs as I have no interest in the game at all.
*Making delicious salads and finding new ideas for salads and dressings
What do you love about Summer ? x Dawn


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