John wants to cook after 35 years!


Let me explain, I have been married to John for 31 years and have been together for 35 years and when we first met and I got to know his family it was obvious his Mother and Grandmother did all of the domestic chores in the house,they had all lived in his Gran’s house and as his Dad worked in clubs and his Mum went with him most nights, his Gran did a lot of the childcare and cooking until she got ill. His Dad did not cook or clean, he did a bit of gardening but that was it he never made drinks or offer any help, I suppose it was just they way they were. It was totally different to what I was used to as both my parent’s worked, my Dad worked during the day and as soon as he came home my Mum went to work at the hospital where she worked from 5pm until 9pm in the kitchen serving meals and giving out drinks to patients, so my Sister and I were used to my Dad looking after us, getting us to do our home work, making meals and clearing up. My parent’s worked hard for us and they kept the house clean and tidy together. So when John and I got married I did all of the cooking and cleaning but asked him to help clean up afterwards and help with the washing up, he never went near the washing machine and still doesn’t use it and had never ironed , he can iron now although he only irons his work clothes, he was 27 when we married.When we had the boys, we have three and they have all grown up and left home,it was a case of help me or live in a tip, I used to ask if he wanted to bath the kids or tidy the kitchen after our evening meal and nine times out of ten he would wash up and clean the kitchen as it was easier than bathing 3 kids and dealing with the squabbles, he would sometimes read them a story too. I used to cook all of the meals and still do, he would make a bacon sandwich or beans on toast and that would be it, that is they way it was and he didn’d show any interest in cooking. We got a barbecue and I used to prepare the meat and veg and salad and John would cook and he still does, he has progressed from a bacon butty to a full English breakfast and it is always very good but that is it.
So you can imagine my surprise when on Sunday we were sitting down after lunch and he announced that he was buying a new wok (mine had seen better days) and going to cook some stir fry’s, I resisted the temptation to laugh out loud and asked what he was planning to cook, he said maybe a prawn or chicken stir fry and noodles, he said I know you think I can’t cook but I really would like to try. I have been saying for years read my cook books and look how easy it is,he has watched me cook all styles of food and I have been told that I am a good cook and love cooking but just once it would be nice to have a lovey meal cooked for me. I did believe that if you can read you can cook. I asked him what saute meant and he had no clue, I asked him what blanche means he did not know, I presumed everyone knew what they meant,and I also thought that anyone can cook but if you have never done it how would you know how?, I have to start from scratch with him and go back to basics, I think stir fry’s are so easy so I am glad he wants to try that.
So watch this space as I teach a 57 year old man how to cook, I am going to need a lot of patience, this is going to be interesting.I will keep you posted.
x Dawn


5 thoughts on “John wants to cook after 35 years!

  1. Great post, Dawn – loved reading about some of your family history, and so pleased that John wants to learn to cook! I’m very lucky that Ashley loves cooking (and is better than me), so does a lot of it in our house. Maybe think about getting John to watch some of the old Jamie Oliver programmes, they were really good for getting men enthusiastic about cooking, and his style makes everything quite straightforward.


    • dawn060861

      Thanks Caroline, I have all of Jamie’s books and I think John could easily cook, he has just chosen not to, I have seen some of Ashley’s dishes and they look amazing, the key lime pie….yum! x


  2. Hi there, I hopped a link over from Caroline’s. I am in a very similar spot. My husband and I were once talking about older couples who, when one dies, the other seems to give up and pass away in a short while. My husband said that would be him. I told him, of course it would be, because he’d starve to death if anything happened to me. 🙂

    But since I went back to working full time, he has mastered a few meals…pasta and red sauce, slow-cooker pot roast…okay maybe ‘a few’ was being optimistic. LOL But he is more interested than he used to be, so that’s progress.


    • dawn060861

      Thanks for stopping by, I had to laugh because I said to John if I die you would starve or live on takeaway’s ! I was thinking pasta and stir fry’s because they are easy …and they need to be. I think once a week he should cook so watch this space x Dawn


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