My Tassimo bargain


I saw a facebook friend’s post about a voucher code for a Tassimo coffee machine and I messaged her and she gave me the code, I got a £119 Tassimo machine for £30 including p and p and the machine was dispatched the same day, along with the machine came a discount code for £20 worth of coffee pods. So I saved £89 on my coffee machine and had £39 worth of pods for £19 saving me £20 saving me in total an amazing £109, now that is what I call a bargain. I am a coffee lover, I don’t like tea, I drink hot chocolate too but just do not like the smell of tea. I love Costa and Tassimo have teamed up with Costa and now sell Costa coffee pods, this will save me a lot of money making them at home, I have ordered Costa Cappuccino and Latte pods, I have also ordered some creme brule, caramel mochiatto, vanilla and Cadbury’s hot chocolate too, they should arrive today and I can’t wait to try them.




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