Last week I …


Last week I was I started reading Cecelia Aherne’s latest book,One hundred names,I have only managed the first two chapters but it seems a good read.I have to make more time to read, I have lots of books sitting waiting to be read.I love her style even though I have had to re read a couple of Cecelia’s books to understand the story.

I didn’t cook a roast on Sunday so I decided to cook a lamb hot pot, I love the crispy potatoes on the top and the sweet tender lamb with carrots and onions in a tasty stock and it is so easy and after a bit of prep you can leave it cooking and get on with your day, it was washed down with Black Tower Rose, I saw it in Home Bargains for £2.99 and I had to get a bottle, it was a bargain and really tasty, I love Rose as well as red but only a few brands and didn’t expect to like it.It was a nice light drink to have with my hot pot and crusty bread.


I love coffee and need my daily fix and when I meet up with friends for lunch or shopping we always end up in Costa coffee, I could never give up on my coffee either hot or cold as I also love Starbucks coffee cream frappe's too.
I love candles and plug ins and I burn tea lights every day, I love Yankee Candle clean cotton tea lights, I love the clean freash smell and the teal lights last quite a long time, I will always put candles on my wish lists.
I have been coverting these, how pretty?
Today I have been cleaning and cooking a chilli for tonight and catching up on a few TV programmes, I am now off to make a nappy cake for a baby shower and a few cards I have on order.
I had a few days where I suffered vertigo which left me imobile but now I feel better I am playing catch up with the washing,it has been raining again today so my upstairs looks like a chinese laundry with two clothes airers full and a load of towels in the machine, there are only two of us so it astonishes me to how much laundry I have to do.
Off to be creative with nappies,baby socks and ribbon, I will post a picture of the finished nappy cake in my next post.
x Dawn


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