Bird cages and closhes my new obsession


I have a new obsession, I love shabby chic and have started to collect ornamental bird cages I only have 2 but have my eye on lots more and have some novel ideas on how to display them and what to display in them too.
I also love glass domes or closhes as they are sometimes called.
I have one birdcage on my fireplace filled with ornamental balls and the other on my dresser, it has a large candle and potpuri inside, I think they look great.


I have two clear glass domes in my kitchen and they are each housing a couple of my late Grandmother’s china cups, one full size from her tea set and one a mini ornamental one, I love them. You could display anything you like in there, I am getting one filled with baubles to display on my coffee table in the lounge at Christmas, you could do an Easter themed one too. I went to a local bootsale yesterday and picked up 2 small green glass closhes for just £2 which was a bargain, they are destined for my beach themed utility room ( well it will be beach themed when it is finished) I will fill one with shells and one with pebbles and put them on candle plates on the window board along with a small storm lantern, I think they will look adorable.


I have ordered bunting and beach hut hooks and have a vintage beach scene to go in the utilty room, it needs painting so John better get a move on.
x Dawn


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