What I did today


Alfie our 5 year old King Charles spaniel was desperate for a hair cut but as the weather had been so bad I was relunctant to get it done because I didn’t want him to catch a cold and now the weather is picking up He went to the groomers today. He look so cute and smells lovely, he always smells nice becuase I use Ancol dog shampoo followed by dog cologne both in baby powder fragrance and he smells just like baby powder! Alfie loves a bath well a shower in the bath and spins like crazy when he sees his towels and looks quite put out when they are washed and are hanging out to dry.
My friend asked me to go to look for some storage boxes and to lunch today so we went out and had a catch up and nice long lunch.
John is off work this week and has loads of jobs to do and he volunteered to give the oven and hob a deep clean, he takes the hob apart and cleans it within an inch of it’s life, he is such a great cleaner and likes doing it too.
I am watching The Apprentice and Bank’s Brewery in this episode is only about 15 minutes away from me by car.Not sure yet who I think has a good chance of winning but I think the first few episodes some people are desperate to have their say, some like to stay below the radar.
Still in love with my new tablet and obsessed with Instagram, I didn’t have it on my Blackberry so was so pleased to see it was pre loaded.
Tomorrow I plan to be in the craft room all day as I have lots of orders and cards for family that I have to make for myself so need to get cracking. John wants to get some work done in the laundry roon as it needs painting, I am having a vintage beach theme stuff in there and want it finished asap as we have every room in the house to get done. Once the yard across the road is closed and the houses start to to go up we are putting our house on the market, we want to move to Devon and have done for years we were going to scrap the idea and after looking in Lichfield, as much as I love it, Devon is the place we want to be, we have been visiting Devon since the boys were little and our little caravan in Dawlish was our home most weekends and if we don’t do it now we never will. I just hope John can get a job, he is a HGV Class 1 driver so we have been looking online and there seems to be jobs around in that sector his age may be held agaist him but he has the experience,he had been self employed for over 20 years, and is a hard worker,we hope someone will see that and give him a chance,we were devestated when he lost his business a few years ago due to the recession. Off to see what Alan Sugar has to say.
x Dawn


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