Thursday already


This week has gone so fast for me, I have just posted some pictures of some of the cards I have for sale on my craft blog pop over and have a look.
I have been making some craft items for my craft stall I am hoping to have in the Summer too.
I have had 2 little girls here over the weekend, Emily and Keah came to stay, we went out for lunch on Saturday and I always get them a colouring set so they can draw whilst waiting for the food to arrive, I know that when kids get bored they can be a handfull so I always have something in my bag to keep them busy, they both love drawing and colouring and it worked. Sunday the girls helped me with the cleaning which they loved, nothing wrong with child labour right?
Colouring in the pub [id=”attachment_1113″ width=”224″]Cleaning for Nanny

I have started walking again just an hour to start off with and John came with me and we did a short circuit which was just under an hour, we are walking every other day, this is another attempt to get fit and lose weight, I know I have been on so many diets and have failed miserably that I have given up dieting forever and am concentrating on healthy eating and allowing myslef the odd treat on a weekend and then walking and swimming as a way of buring the fat away, watch this space! I love the sunshine but dread the thought of squeezing myself into summer outfits, my legs look like milk bottles so it is time to get the holiday skin moisturiser out, my heels have become a bit dry too so I have started using my Soap and Glory heel cream, it is under £5 and works better than the £10 to £15 stuff I have tried in the past. I love Boots Soap and Glory and the body butter in different fragrances work a treat and are rich and creamy and non greasy and soak into the skin quickly. Soap and Glory are my hero products and are on my top ten must haves. I would highly recommend them.
Foot scrub

Body butter ]
better go and get stuff done, unload the dishwasher, sweep and mop the floors and make a chicken casserole for tonight.
Come back soon x Dawn


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