Adult Christmas plans and 50 shades….


My Grandaughter Emily is no longer living with us and I was thinking of last Christmas when she was, it was so magical and as she was just 6 she was very much into the excitement of it all, we did the Elf visits and letter to Santa, Christmas cards, movies and hot chocolate, getting her nativity costume and seeing her performances, getting her card and gif that she made me in class, just like when my boys were young. We made Gingerbread men for all the Grandkids and her friends too.

This year it will be just me and John again and it feels just like when we were on our own for the very first Christmas when my last Son left home, It’s not like I will never see any of the boys, their partners or children over the festive period and I will still do the decorating, planning, shopping, baking and will go and see a few of them in the school plays. So I have decided to plan a few things that are just for John and I, we are going to a number of Christmas markets, I will be manning the cake stall for Emily’s school PFA at the Christmas fair, I will be doing shopping and lunch dates with my friend. I have booked a table at the local Mexican for Christmas Eve, we are at my parent’s for Christmas lunch, I will no doubt see the kids Boxing Day then John and I plan to have a DVD night. We are hitting the sales the day after Boxing day and during Christmas week we will go to the cinema to see a Christmas film. I am looking forward to spending time just us.

I have my Christmas planner at the ready and have brought half of the gifts and wrapped them, will be finishing the shopping before the end of November hopefully then I can enjoy December and all the festive stuff that goes with it. I have the house to de clutter and a few rooms that need painting and after Christmas we are having all the flooring upstairs done .

Reading – My friend gave me the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy for my birthday in august and I have just got round to starting reading them, to be honest I didn’t think I would enjoy them as I have read that they were nothing but porn, when I started reading the first book I realised that yes it was quite a graphic sexual read but there were also a love story and something deeper and darker that I needed to find out. I could not put the book down and read it in 2 days, I am now reading 50 Shades darker the second in the trilogy and am so intrigued to know what is about to be revealed next. I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t yet read it but I would say don’t dismiss it as Mummy porn like I was about to. I have found my reading mojo at last because I had lost my way a little, I have 2 Nicholas Spark’s Novels waiting to be read and a few more books that were must haves just sitting on my book shelf. I love to read and always have and I love nothing better than snuggling under a throw on the sofa with my latest read, what an ideal to while away an afternoon, especially in this weather.

I have a trapped nerve in my shoulder so can’t do much so I will be catching up with Mr grey this afternoon.

x Dawn


One thought on “Adult Christmas plans and 50 shades….

  1. I enjoyed the 50 Shades Trilogy as well, did get very bored with the sex scenes though! Sounds like you’ve got lots of fun things planned over Christmas, the Christmas markets sounds fab.


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