Things I need to do


Emily has gone back to her Dad’s and the house is so quiet, I have packed up her clothes and a few of her toys and they have gone and I am in the process of sorting through her other things, she seems to have settled in ok thank goodness. I am getting into a new routine now, one of which is staying in bed a little later, Emily was up at 6 ish most mornings and if my fur baby Alfie allows I get to have an extra hour in bed which is so nice.

John has gone back to work after the bank holiday and he made a good start on the utility room, we are decorating all the way through and then after Christmas have decided to have the house valued and are thinking about moving if we can both find decent jobs, we are now thinking about Somerset because house prices are not too bad there.

This week I have to get my hair cut , I have had about 2 inches off and lots of layers in to thin it out, read my 5o Shades of Grey, the trilogy have bees sitting on my book shelf untouched, enroll in my local aqua fit group, look for a cupboard my utility room and move my chest freezer into the garage, I have an upright fridge freezer for everyday items so we can make space for some decent storage, last but not least find a job, the party business is so slow and we knew it would only be a few hours here and there but since Emily has gone I have no income so need a job. I need to update my CV and start applying, I want part-time as I can’t leave my dog all day.

I also need to sort out my wardrobe and get some autumn outfits, I have not lost any more weight ( not sticking to diet and exercise) so I need to get back on my treadmill too.

Stick to the one in 2 out rule, I have been de cluttering the house and have a rule that if we buy something then 2 items have to be sold, donated or binned and it seems to be working.

x Dawn


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