5 Things I will never do


There are some things I have never done and maybe one day will but there are some things I will NEVER do.

1. Swim in the sea, when I was at school the movie Jaws was released in cinemas and I went to see it 6 times, I have seen them all now numerous times and seen shark attack, shark attack survivors etc as they fascinate me. I can just about paddle in the sea but would never and could never go into the sea for a swim. When we are abroad the sea does look inviting and I would love to jump in but you are jumping into the worlds biggest aquarium , I love the idea of snorkeling and scuba diving and seeing the marine life but I know I will never be able to do it and it is a shame because I love to swim and am a good swimmer. I can’t go out in a small boat either which again is because of Jaws. I went into a glass bottom boat and nearly had a panic attack and could not wait to get off, just not knowing what is down there (or what could be) terrifies me.

2. Eat Escargot, snails! I will try most things but one thing I have no desire to taste is snails, they can dress them up and cook them any way they like but they are just disgusting (in my opinion), every morning John gets 20-30 snails off the garden and throws them in a bucket and the rattling of the shells and they slime is just horrible and makes me feel so nauseous, ewwww!

3. Wear leggings, I am a plus size woman and I am sorry if you do wear them but on me they just look disgusting, I am an apple shape and don’t have chunky legs but I feel like they show every lump and bump so the one pair I did buy went straight to the charity shop.

4. Own a cat, yes I know they are fluffy and cute (to other people) but because I grew up with a father who had a cat phobia we were never allowed near cats or kittens and it has stayed with me, It is because they do what they like ,jump up onto things and climb and hunt . My friend had kittens and I was terrified of them, one bit me and one scratched the heck out of me. We did rescue and tiny little kitten we found on a grass verge across the road from me, we called it Edward and it lived here for about 4 hours and my kids were devastated when I found a home for it, it was climbing up my curtains and jumping all over me ! they look so cute but they can be mental, sorry because I sound like I hate cat’s, I don’t I am just a little scared of them.

5. Go camping, we owned a caravan and I loved it, it was out little home from home but sleeping in a tent is a no-no, I have seen so many people sitting in soggy tents with a tiny kettle on a little gas burner and people in huge 6 room tents with blow up sofa’s and a TV and I think why? I understand people can’t afford to stay in luxury hotels or even a B&B ( us being one of them last year) but however they dress it up a tent is a tent and I have no desire to sleep on a blow up bed in a sleeping bag with insects hoping the heavens don’t open in the night and everything in the tent ending up soaking wet, to me it is not fun at all.

What 5 things will you never do?    x Dawn


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