Empty nest..


My darling Grandaughter Emily has been living with me for just over a year, last week she had been on holiday in Wales with her Daddy ( my Son) and his partner and other children and they all had a great time. Out of the blue it had been decided that she was to go and live with them again when they came back home on Saturday, I knew it was going to happen but not quite yet. I am pleased she is back with Daddy, Tanya and her siblings and she is quite happy to be there although she says she wants to sleep here sometimes, but I feel so lost this morning, she usually comes into my room for a cuddle and we have breakfast and plan our day. I woke up this morning at 7.45 which is unheard of and realised it was just Alfie (my fur baby) and me, John had gone to work and the house was so quite, the TV is on now for company, how sad is that?

I will miss her like crazy, even though she lives five minutes away and I will see her all the time, I will miss making her pancakes and playing clapping games, we have our own little codes and we teased the heck out of her Grandad. I will miss her bedtime routine, school run and everything in between. On the positive side I can do my own thing and not have to worry about being home for three to pick her up or not go out on a school night. I can get a part-time job because the party business  is mainly weekend work. I am 51 and have had 3 kids and done it all before and now it is my time, but I would do it all again for any of babies in a heartbeat.

So today I will be job hunting and waiting for a visit from Emily , Keah, Mason and Myah and it will feel so strange that Emily will be a visitor!

Here are some snaps of Emily, I have tried to make such wonderful memories for her.

70’s chick, all ready for her school production.

Licking the spoon is the best part of baking.

Nanny’s little helper.

Letter from Santa and visit from Jingles.

My little Cinderella.

Tea party.

Pretty witch.

Homework project.

Emily’s sports day.

Mason, Emily Keah and their new baby Sister Myah.

She is just beautiful, all my Grandchildren are. Off to get ready for my little visitors.

x Dawn












2 thoughts on “Empty nest..

  1. dawn060861

    Oh I am very lucky that she is not far away, saw her earlier and I must admit I could have shed a tear when she left but she needs to be with her Dad x


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