Celebrity Big Brother 2012


I make no apology for my love of trashy reality TV, Love it all ( well almost all), TOWIE, Made in Chelsea, housewives of New York/ OrangeCounty ,The Bachelor and Big Brother. I was pleased Luke A won Big Brother 2012 and was watching channel 5 on Wednesday to see which “Celebrities” were going into the house, has been’s ,wanna be’s , someone who slept with or sex texted a celebrity, the cleaner of the man who walks Elton’s dog?

Here are this years bunch

From left to right, Jasmine Lennard the self-proclaimed bitch, famous for the 2005 series Make me a super model and the make me a super model extra, she was fired for calling Rachel Hunter, Rachel Munter! Next is Ashley McKenzie the Olympic judo athlete, next to him is Prince Lorenzo Borghese, yes a real prince ! he is from Italian nobility and has lived in the States since he was 5, he is famous for starring in the US version of The Bachelor in 2003, alas he did not find his Princess, next is Danica Thrall is a model and star of Sex, lies and rinsing guys, basically she puts a wish list on her website, anything from face cream to expensive bags and men but them for her, what they get in return I don’t know. Julie Goodyear aka Corrie bar maid Bet Lynch. Controversial journalist Samantha Brick is next and then Michael Harvey, Jnr aka Mc Harvey and self-confessed womanizer. Rhian Sugden is next she is a glamour model and she is the girl in the Vernon Kay sex texting scandal. Martin Kemp is next, famous for being in the band Spandau Ballet and along with his Brother Gary played the Kray twins Ronald and Reginald Kray. loose woman and one of the Nolan’s, Colleen Nolan, Julian Clary is next, he is a comedian and TV personality, standing next to him is Ex Easterner’s Heather, Cheryl Fergison, last but not least is

Mike “the situation” Sorrentino, who stars in the US reality show JerseyShore.


My favourites are Martin Kemp, Julian Clary and Colleen Nolan. Some people just don’t get Julian but I find him really funny, he looks so vunerable without his makeup on and I am looking forward to see the man behind the made up face and sparkly jackets.


Who is your favourite?





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