What iv’e been up to.


I have not blogged for a while because I felt like there was nothing going on in my life that was very interesting, there never really is. I have been card making,baking catching up with TV that I have recorded, still following Slimming world and am now planning my gifts for Christmas, yes I know, Christmas already but with three boys and their partners and 9 Grandchildren plus parents, Neice and Nephew, and friends, I have to start planning and buying early.

So I have had a few weeks off Slimming world and gained 3lb which is not good, I am back on track today and there is a wonderful aroma coning from the kitchen as I have a beef stew in the oven for tonight. last weekend I had 11 people for lunch and I baked these for after, they were so nice, peanut butter and chocolate brownies and carrot cake muffins with cream cheese frosting.

 These Brownies were a hit and I had one or two, not good for the scales though.

A friend of mine makes re-born baby dolls ( the dolls that look like real babies) and is having a stand at a Doll and Teddy fair and as asked me to make some cards to sell on her stall, I have made a few and have to crack on and get some more done, I have a facebook page pretty vintage cards by Dawn if you fancy having a look, here are just a few of the cards I made .

just a few teddy cards.

I have been baby sitting Millie my beautiful 1 year old Grandaughter

 I know I am biassed but isn’t she the cutest?

The weather here has been horrible, windy and raining, I can’t wait to pack away my winter clothes and get out my flip-flops but can’t see that happening anytime soon.  The school runs have been horrible and we end up soaked despite a massive brolly. I have a mac, water proof jacket and a thicker padded jacket and they have all been drenched over the past month, in my office/craft room I have 2 clothes horses which are permanently full, I love line dried washing and have managed 2 lots in as many months. I do however hate ironing, a friend of mine has an ironing business and I could think of nothing worse that spending every day slaving over the ironing board.

I have been catching up with made in Chelsea and I admit I addicted to the show, I so wanted Louise to be with Jamie and I think Spencer is a tosser! I do not like Kimberly the new girl in the show she is so sickly sweet.

 The lads from Made in Chelsea, I love Francis and Ollie , I just can’t believe that there are people like that in real life! Posh, very very Posh!

Housework calls and I can’t really ignore it any longer. So there you have it, nothing exciting at all.

x Dawn


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