11 lb off


I lost 2 and 1/2 lb this week and feel great, It means I have lost 11 lb so far, I have a long way to go but I am going at a steady pace and not putting too much pressure on myself. I can get into a size smaller jeans which I am really happy about, I can sit down in them too.

I love going to class and enjoy the talks we get and tips we pick up, I have had one meal out this week, we went to the harvester and had steak, baked potatoes,salad and a bacardi and diet coke. I have cooked a beef stew, shepherds pie, roast chicken and all the trimmings and lots of baked potatoes with various fillings. My treats (syns) have been chocolate and crisps, oh and the bacardi. I have not felt deprived at all and if you saw the size of my meals you would not think I could lose weight and eat that much food.

Emily has been so good , we had a nice Valentines day, she had heart-shaped pancakes, chocolate spread and strawberries, she had a heart logo t-shirt and we decorated cup cakes.

On Sunday we watched One Day, I had read the book and although I enjoyed it I did think it dragged on a bit. I want to see The Vow which is on at the cinema now but have read and heard some bad reviews so I might wait until it is out on DVD. I watched Sarah Millican’s live tour on DVD and she is so funny, it is quite a lot ruder as it is the stage show live but I really like her comedy style.

This week I aim to lose another 2 lb and am planning to cook some more lovely SW meals, I am making herb crusted cod, chilli,burgers,chicken tikka masala and more, I have to laugh when I see the list because I can’t think of any other eating plan that allows you to actually eat real food!

I am off to cook the tea, a big portion of cottage pie and slimming world chips .

x Dawn


2 thoughts on “11 lb off

  1. Lisa

    Thanks for popping by and leaving such a nice comment. Well done with your weight loss.
    We saw SM live at the end of last year, you are right she is a bit ruder but she is hilarious. She has her own TV show strating this week too which I am looking forward to.
    Lisa x


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