8 1/2 lb lighter…


So I am now 8 1/2 lb lighter, I have had to wear a belt on my jeans and trousers and it is on the tightest notch, I can get into a smaller size and have got 1 new pair of trousers.I am working hard to get my first stone off and it will be the first of the 5 I plan to lose. I am not giving myself anymore pressure by saying it has to go by a certain date but I just want it gone. I am drinking 6-8 glasses of fluid a day and am still peeing for England! the one thing I am struggling with is exercise or the lack of it. I have always hated exercise but I have to build some form of exercise into my day, I plan to do it but it never happens. I can’t stand the thought of walking in the cold, going swimming and coming out into the cold, I could make excuse after excuse and I am sure you have heard it all before.

I am really enjoying the plan and am not getting bored because I always try to vary my diet. John may even lose his little podge, he is not fat but has a little beer belly coming and I am sure he will benefit in the long run too.

I really really want a treadmill, not some fancy hi tech thing that costs thousands, a basic electric one in Argos is £195 so I better start saving. I know if I had it I would be using it a lot because I do enjoy the treadmill.I will swim when it is warmer. I am watching quite a few diet shows on TV to give me inspiration and am looking on fashion sites for ideas of outfits for when I am slimmer that I can’t wait to wear. I buy clothes that fit me at the moment and not because I love them.

It is Valentines day tomorrow and I have a few things planned for Emily, I am making her heart-shaped pancakes with strawberries for breakfast, I have got her a pretty heart motif tea shirt to wear and have some heart-shaped lollies too, I made her a card and we are going to decorate cupcakes too. John gave me One Day on DVD and a mini box of chocs and a mini bottle of wine ( for a special treat) he gave them to me this evening because he will be at work early tomorrow, we only usually do cards but I do get him a big bar of Bournville as he loves dark chocolate. I have just made his packed lunch and have left little messages in his lunch box and work bag for him to find during the day.

Not sure what we are eating yet, I think beef bourguignon ,SW friendly with baked potatoes and veg, followed by strawberries dipped in chocolate, we have to have them on Valentines day ( I will have 2).

We never eat out on Valentines day , they hike up the prices , we are going out for a pub meal (Harvester) on Saturday and I am looking forward to a big bowl of salad, steak and baked potato and fruit salad, no booze though because I will have my mini bottle of wine that John got me for Valentines day,

I have another weigh in on Wednesday, wish me luck!

I hope you all have a great day tomorrow if you celebrate Valentines Day or not x Dawn




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