Got my half stone award


I got my half a stone award last night, I lost 1lb despite having a really bad sore throat,irritating cough and cold, I had been having cough syrup and throat sweets and they are all syns . I have lost 7 1/2 lb in 3 weeks. I wanted a little more but at least I lost and not gained. When Emily saw my certificate this morning despite her being ill she clapped and said oh good girl nanny.

I have Emily at home today she has a tummy bug and has been sick this morning, she is lying on the settee with her blanket, she is trying to sleep but can’t she said. She looks really pale again but earlier she had two rosy cheeks and was quite warm so she had some Calpol and has cooled down a bit. She is feeling very sorry for herself  bless her.

I have managed to do a menu plan for the week ahead and my shopping list as I do the main food shop on friday’s, I refuse to do the food shop on Saturday’s because wherever we decide to shop is always so busy and I can’t handle it.

It is still rather chilly here in the West Midlands and the weather man/women have been saying there is a risk of snow most days.

I feel so very tired , I think the cough and cold is taking its toll, my kitchen and utility room floors need sweeping and mopping but I honestly can’t find the energy, I have been running up and downstairs with Emily to the loo for one reason or another and to be honest it has worn me out. I carried some washing up and got out of  breath and had a coughing fit.

John and I were going out to the Harvester on Saturday but they way I feel we won’t be going anywhere. Emily will be staying here over the weekend as I don’t want her passing any nasty bugs on so I won’t get the usual weekend break, I know as soon as she is in bed tonight I will be in the bath and then bed myself.

x Dawn



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