Pleased with my weight loss


I had my weigh in last night and was pleased to find I had lost 3 1/2 lb so that is 6 1/2 in 2 weeks, I will be getting my half a stone award next week. I always stay to class as it is fun and you learn loads of hints and tips from other members and see that you can lose the weight because we have quite a few target members.

I have not stopped eating again and drinking loads of water which I think has been a help, when I was dieting before I struggled with the water but now my body has been getting used to it and if I don’t drink for a while I get really thirsty, I have been peeing for England ! Dawn my consultant told someone that it will slow down when the body gets accustomed to more fluids. I am waking in the night which I never do to visit the loo!

I have been sorting out my wardrobe and have a few things that do not fit me ( too small) so I will be using those as an incentive, I have also been looking on-line for some outfit ideas, it seems to spur me on and anything to help is good in my book. My Sister is smaller than me, she had lost quite a bit of weight on her own, she has will power! she has given me bags full of clothes, quite a few re a few sizes smaller and I can’t wait until they fit me.

I had a friend for lunch today and we had stuffed baked potatoes and a nice desert all slimming World friendly and you would bot tell it was diet food, it is not a diet it is healthy eating.

I have a new mobile, I got a Blackberry Torch and I love it. It is on a contract and I was due for an upgrade.

I feel so tired and could quite easily curl up on the sofa and have a snooze but I have to pick Emily up at 3 , an early night is in order I think.

x Dawn



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