Weigh in


Last night was my first weigh in at Slimming World and I lost 3lb, considering it is the time of the month and I can quite easily gain a few pounds I was really pleased.

I have really enjoyed my food and have eaten everything I wanted to including crisps and a fudge bar or too. I have planned all of the meals and made sure I had snacks and drank loads too. The one thing I miss is on a Saturday night I loved a plate of cheese and biscuits a few olives and a glass or two of wine.

John is amazed at what I can eat and I admit I can be quite greedy and he isn’t , he looks at my plate and I say ” It’s free and I can eat it so don’t say a word” I stayed to class and really enjoy that, you get tips and inspiration .

I told Emily when she got up this morning that I had lost 3lb and she said “Good girl Nanny” ,

One of the parents at Emily’s school asked if I would like to go walking with her twice a week and I said I would , I did some walking a few years ago and the weight just fell off so we are starting next week. I am also starting swimming next week too. I know exercise will boost the weight loss.

My friend is coming for brunch today so I am cooking scrambled egg, bacon, mushrooms and granary toast, fruit and yogurt and coffee, which is in my plan, I would have done bagels  and bucks fizz if not on the plan but we will enjoy it anyway.

I have just done a quick tidy up and I am off now to start the food.

Emily had a trophy and certificate for Gymnastics today and she is so proud.

I hope you have a lovely day   x Dawn


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