Slimming world and more


Wednesday was a very sad day, it was my dear friend K’s Mum’s funeral, we had been out on Tuesday running around getting the last things she needed and she also asked if I would go with her to the chapel of rest to see her Mum, put some photos in her coffin and say her goodbye. I was really proud of her because she did so well and was so brave. The funeral went as well as it could have the songs played were very emotional . It brings it home to you that life is too short and you should live every day to the full. R.I.P Joan xxxx

I re joined Slimming World this Wednesday too, I had it in my head that I wanted to go this week and nothing was going to stop me, I had a voucher out of the paper which meant I joined free. D my consultant welcomed me back and I felt right at home, I always stay to group because you get to hear others tips and find out new foods and recipes. I have a lot of weight to lose and want to get fitter and lower my blood pressure.

I have been shopping and filled my trolley with loads of meat ,veg and fruit, my treats (syns) will be a vodka and diet coke on a weekend and a fudge bar during the weeks along with other goodies as long as I stay within my syns I can have pretty much what I like, the food is great too because there is no calorie counting and as long as the food is cooked the Slimming World way I can eat loads and I am! if you saw my plate you would think there is no way she can eat all that and lose weight….oh yes you can!

I have done a menu plan as usual and in fact I eat more when I am on plan , and am doing what SW call body magic, exercise. I am playing on the wii for 40 mins twice a week, Zubma fitness once a week and walking the rest of the week. I am not good with gym type exercise so I think the stuff I chose is more fun, also I am looking to do aqua aerobics when I find out when the classes are on.

So here I go , I am wanting to be fitter, healthier and slimmer and I want to have a whole new wardrobe full of stylish smaller clothes. I always try to go out looking nice but never feel  nice, I wear smart clothes but I wear clothes that fit nit because I love them. I have an image in my mind of the type of clothing I want to wear, I am 50 now and am trying not to look like mutton dressed as lamb. I have been looking online and have found some sites that give style advice . I go round the shops and choose outfits I want to wear when I am a few sizes smaller and it gives me an incentive to keep on plan and work harder, I have a jar that I am saving  a few pounds here and a few there and when I reach my mini targets I am going to treat myself, maybe a scarf, nail polish etc.

My weigh in is on a Wednesday evening and will report back when the deed is done. I look forward to reporting my losses each week so pop back and have a look.

It is Saturday today and I am freezing! I have been food shopping today,doing the laundry and once I put this lap top down I have to get the house work done, I am cooking Lamb steaks with baked potato, salad,savoury rice and home-made coleslaw for dinner tonight and making a 1/2 syn roulade, a whole cake for just half a syn !

When I told Emily I was going to Slimming World she said nanny you’re not fat you are just a bit big! she watches me like a hawk and questions everything I eat which is ok at home but when you are in public she says can you eat that on Slimming World Nanny?

I hope you will come back soon x Dawn



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