This week I ..


Did a meal plan for the week and did the food shop using a list which I always do now ( saves money and waste), I brought only 2 things that were not on the list one was a substitute  and the other I had forgotten

Watched the launch of so-called Celebrity Big Brother and am baffled, so having an affair with a famous footballer who also happens to be your Brother-in- law for 8 years and selling your story to the papers makes you a celebrity?

Started reading Cecelia Ahern’s The Time of my life, love her, although a couple of her books got a 3/10 from me, I will give this one a go

Started my Christmas savings

Decided to go back to Slimming world (starting this Thursday)

Drank a bottle of White Zinfandel over the weekend and had a chinese takeaway (a treat before the healthy eating plan)

Got a tax refund (very welcome thank you Mr Tax man)

Went to breakfast with my dear Friend K who lost her Mum over Christmas and her funeral is on Wednesday

Watched series 2 of Caroline Quinton’s Life begins, started series 3 this afternoon, I liked series 1 and found series 2/3 on e-bay

Sorted out paperwork and tidied my office desk, which I also use for card making, it had become a bit of a mess to say the least

Am now watching Dancing on ice

x Dawn





One thought on “This week I ..

  1. I keep saying i’ll plan, but then hubbs does something and it goes out the window.
    This week i will plan, tomorrow i’m going go through the freezers, one needs defrosting and plan as many meals from what i have.
    Good luck in joining the slimming world plan with us xx
    Determined not to get sucked into big brother again.
    Great blog xx


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