To do….another list


This week has become a bit blah for me so far, Emily was supposed to go back to school on Tuesday but the heating was broken so she went back Wednesday. John went back to work on Tuesday. I spent most of Tuesday trying to keep Emily entertained with craft projects and a DVD and her room  full of toys, I did manage an hour or so in my craft room ans made some more cards. Even though I plan all of the weekly meals I did not feel like cooking, Emily wanted pizza and waffles which she had ( no veg…bad Nanny) but I waited until John came home and rang the takeaway, I had a beef chow mein, the last one for a while because I am from Saturday back on the healthy eating and exercise plan. I didnot really enjoy it and felt relly tired, I picked up a book and put it back I was not in the mood, Once Emily was in bed I tidied up had a glass of wine (gift from Sister) and went to bed to eatch TV.

I have not seen my dear friend K since her Mum passed away, we have spoken on the phone and I sent a card. I have arranged to meet her Friday for a catch up over breakfast once the kids have gone to school, I really don’t know what to say to her other than sorry but have offered to help with anything she needs doing.Her Mum’s funeral is on the 11th.

The cupboards and fridge are looking rather bare, I have food for the rest of the week but want to do a big healthier shop on friday when Emily goes to her Dad’s as she is a nightmare to take food shopping she gets bored and makes it such hard work. I want to drink more water and eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, I have loads of cookbooks and websites that I will use for inspiration, I have no excuses because I love fruit and veg. I want to do one or two meat free meals a week too.

Now I am going to use the E word….exercise! Oh I have said it! Why am I so allergic to it?, I know it speeds up weight loss, I have the equipment, dvd’s and it costs nothing but my sweat and tears.I have time on my hands because I do not work and I am on my own 5 days a week from 9-3, I know once I start I will get into the habit and it will become part of  day but it is getting started that is my problem, finding something I really enjoy. I love swimming but don’t drive and unless a friend who drives comes with me then I would have to wait for John to come home from work and then it would be too late ( I have all the excuses in the book). I have a Zumba fitness plan on my media box and have never watched it! I have a Pilates machine in the garage  a mini trampoline under my bed , had weights ..somewhere?   I have just one word to say and It is true, I know it is….Lazy!     So I need a good kick up the bum…go on you know you want to, feel free to give me a virtual kick, I need it! I am 50 years old, over weight, have high blood pressure, and need to lose the weight and get fit for my health so why is it so hard?

So here is my meal plan for Saturday onwards , main meals and cooked in a low-fat or fat-free way.

Saturday – Quorn chilli and rice

Sunday – Roast Chicken , roast potatoes, steamed veggies and gravy

Monday –  Spicy chicken wraps (using left over chicken) with homemade wedges, homemade coleslaw and salad

Tuesday – Minted lamb chops, baked potatoes and veg

Wednesday – Homemade roasted butternut squash and red pepper soup and sandwich

Thursday – Homemade spicy turkey burger on wholemeal roll with salad and corn on the cob and homemade coleslaw

Friday –  Thai style fish cakes with sweet chilli dipping sauce, homemade chunky chips and salad

Weather is terrible here and the school run was horrendous, hope it calms down for when the kids come out of school.

x Dawn


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