Happy New Year


We had an eventful 2011, my beautiful Grandaughter Emily came to live with us, not sure how long she will be with us but we love having her, some days are better than others because she can be a handful, I have enjoyed buying girlie things as we had 3 boys, she loves being here and is doing so much better now she is settled, she is above average in most lessons and is enjoying having her own space and things to come home to, we have been doing lots of girlie things and we had a lovely Christmas.

My dear friend K  lost her  Mum a few days after Christmas which is heartbreaking .

We had lots of financial issues last year and we are struggling to keep our heads above water but are slowly paying off our debts, John misses having his own business and being his own boss , he lost his haulage business after 25 years, we lost everything but thank god we owned our home outright and no one is taking that away, we had to sell our beloved little caravan to raise funds and I miss our weekends in Devon so much. We have not had a holiday in 2 years , maybe next year .

So 2012 is here and we are going all out to change our lives for the better, we are planning to spend more time doing things together and having a life again, even if we only go out once a month we will. I am hoping we will play badminton once a week ( ha ha me running after a shuttlecock will be a sight for sore eyes! ) and go on bike rides and walks together.

I am going to make big changes at home, I want to be more organised, I am terrible at time management and blame the computer for that, I can waste hours on e bay/facebook/twitter or pinterest. I am going to be clutter free , I want to be slimmer and healthier and make sure exercise will become and daily habit. I want to make more cards and try to sell them to fund my hobby, I want to be a better, Daughter, Sister and friend and spend more time with my family and friends . I want to take time out for me, to read, take long bubble baths, do my nails or listen to music.

I am a lists person and have a planner in my kitchen, a small pocket diary and a larger notebook, and a small notebook for my handbag, I find it so satisfying crossing things I have done off my lists and have already done all the 2012 Birthday list, easter list, Christmas list. I have lists of books I want to read, films I want to see, places I want to visit, events throughout the year etc. One thing I don’t do much is journal and I want to get into the habit, random thoughts, things I am grateful for and rants etc all private of course.

I want to be a better blogger because I feel I am terrible, I love reading other people’s blogs but why would anyone want to read mine? I have such a boring life so I am thinking of topics to write about in order to get people interested.

I want to volunteer at school and share my love of crafting with others, I am not sure how yet so watch this space.

I have a lot of I want’s don’t I ? I think they should be I am going to…..

thanks for stopping by and I hope you will come back. Happy 2012 to you x Dawn



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