Christmas prep and other stuff


The tree has been up for a while and the fireplace is decorated, Emily was a traveller in her Nativity and she was great, still love seeing all the kids dressed up and the nursery were little angels , so sweet. Emily wrote all of her own cards this year, she loves writing and drawing so it was not a chore for her. I made sweets for the teachers from Emily, I gave them a bottle of wine, they deserve a drink! We have made Gingerbread men and Emily has been opening her advent as soon as she gets up, we also have a to do advent, today it is watch Christmas films and have a hot chocolate with marshmallows. We also have to deliver the neighbours cards later.

On Friday we went to the Black country living museum for a traditional Christmas evening, despite being cold we all had a great time and Emily was fascinated to see how people lived in the old days. There were street sellers, hot chestnuts, pig roast. We visited different homes that were decorated for Christmas and she went to see the school and old-fashioned cinema. We had fish and chips and had a ride on the old fair rides. It was lovely.

My Mum fell down the stairs today and hurt her knee, thank goodness she is ok apart from the knee, I am going to see her later. The weather is so miserable. John has 10 days off for Christmas, we are lucky enough to be having Emily here for Christmas and can’t wait for Christmas Eve, she is excited and we are making such lovely memories for her, she had a video message from Santa on Friday and was amazed he knew all about her! we are decorating cupcakes tomorrow and making more Gingerbread Men for Emily’s Sister and Brother and a few friends, as soon as they are made they vanish so I must be doing something right.

I have found a website I am addicted to called pinterest, people upload pictures, recipes and crafts etc, have a look it is quite addictive though so be warned, I searched Valentines this morning and wasted an hour looking at all the wonderful stuff these clever people do.

I am almost ready for the big day, I have to get a couple of things and the food shop and that is it. I am looking forward to my parents coming Christmas Day, John and I are out to lunch on Boxing Day, hitting the sales the day after and we are having a Pan Asian meal, Emily has to o to a Birthday party on the 29th, on the 30th, I think we are staying in on New Years Eve, too expensive and impossible to get a taxi. I might just stay in my PJs the whole of New Years Day. Emily is back at school on the 3rd. Bring on the festivities.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year x Dawn


3 thoughts on “Christmas prep and other stuff

  1. Sounds like your going to have a totally magical christmas with Emily.

    you have the whole lot sorted right down to getting new thongs and your food shopping 🙂 very impressive xx

    wishing you and all your family a great christmas and new year xxx


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