Busy busy busy


I have just realised how long it has been since I have posted ! to be honest the days are running away with me, I have a new role Emily’s P.A , my diary is full of her events, parties,school functions etc. My 6-year-old Grandaughter has  a better social life than me. Christmas at school is a very busy time, we have had school photos, art exhibition, 2 nativity plays,a Christmas fair, Christmas lunch with the children, which was today and we have a carol concert next week.

We as a family have celebrated Emily’s 6th birthday on 25th November and she had a big party on the 27th for over 40 children it all went really well, she also had 3 class parties to attend.

Our pretty 6 year old Darling Emily

Emily has been busy writing her class Christmas cards and I am busy making the teachers cards and am making sweets for the teachers, rum truffles, lemon and white chocolate truffles, fudge,coconut ice and peppermint creams for teachers gifts. I managed to buy her nativity costume , thank you Asda , I don’t do dressmaking ! 

I have done 2/3rds of the present shopping, I have all my cards done and have posted some and will hand deliver the rest. I have put up the tree and decorated the fireplace etc, John has to clean the outside windows and put up the outside lights, we just have a string of lights running along the canopy . I have done my meal plan and shopping list for over the festive period, we are taking Emily out for an early meal on Christmas Eve before preparing the Santa’s visit, my parent s are coming for Christmas lunch and we are lucky enough to be having Emily at all Christmas Day, she will be going to her Dad’s later on in the day. John and I are going out for Boxing day lunch and we are going to the sales the day after.

On Friday we are going to the Black Country Living Museum and taking the kids for a traditional Christmas , they visit Santa and see what Christmas used to be like in the old days , we are looking forward to it a lot .

I want to give the house a good clean, did the living room but need to tidy a few cupboards in the kitchen and clean, tidy the cupboards upstairs and give the bedrooms a good clean too.

On Sunday I am setting up a wrapping table in my bedroom I have a fold away buffet table and I leave it set up until all the presents are wrapped. I also want to go shopping for a few outfits for over Christmas, I have no idea what yet though. Since getting older (50 ) I have found I do tend to have a few hot flushes and can’t wear polo necks now, I feel like I am being strangled! I can wear a round neck sweater with a scarf, don’t know what that is all about!

The weather here today is terrible, rain and heavy winds, we are supposed be having snow towards the end of the week, I love snow when I am at home all cosy and have nowhere to go but I do not fancy walking to school and back in it.

I am off to get ready for the school run, far too windy for an umbrella so it is on with the hood!

x Dawn


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