Halloween party


We decided a few weeks ago that we would have a Halloween barbecue for the kids, so Saturday we had our party all the Grandchildren and a few friends,everyone  looked great, here are a few photo’s .

My Halloween cupcakes




Grandaughter lucy blowing up balloons, free child labour…all for it lol

John and Lucy in the garden ready for the barbecue (John did the barbie)


Halloween cakes

Some of us

Chloe and my Grandaughter Grace 3.

John and Chloe

My youngest Son Ashley (scream)


My cute Grandson Mason dresses as a vampire

Emily (Grandaughter who lives with me she is 5)

Grandaughter’s Summer 4 and Grace 3

Our trainee witch Millie our youngest Grandaughter who is 8 months

The gang outside

Everyone had a great time . The next party will be 26th of November when Emily will be 6 but we have had to hire a local hall as there will by 56 kids……earplugs needed me thinks!

Thanks for looking X Dawn





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