What I have been up to


Emily our 5 year old Grandaughter is living with us and she has kept me very busy, she has settled in a treat and has been so good at school, she is above average in reading and loves the Bug Club , it is an online reading programme that the school signed up for, she is my little book worm. She goes to art class on Mondays’ and Gym class on Wednesday’s. She has home work once a week and loves school. We have been baking, crafting and singing, she loves singing!

I have been card making, I have not done it for a while but now Emily is settled and I have got into a routine and the school run is now a habit, I am a lot more organised. I have started reading but to be honest only read a few chapters and have not picked up my book since.

I have been watching  the new series of TOWIE  I love it ( fan of trashy tv), I think Mick is wrong dating Maria he is 25 and he is 48 I think,wrong in my eyes! Mark is such a loser! I miss Amy Childs.I also love Made in Chelsea, Caggie is back and I am sure she will ruffle a few feathers, Ollie…what a scream! is he for real? Big Brother, I have been watching on and off to be honest they all seem so boring. Celebrity Masterchef, I love this show, not sure who will win , they have all worked so hard to get to the semi finals.

What I have been cooking, the usual roasts, pasta dishes, Emily loves mac n cheese. Today I have a chicken casserole in the oven on low, it will cook all day and I will serve it with crusty bread to mop up all the juices. I have not tried any new dishes for a while and must try to make more use of all my recipe books.

I have written my Christmas gift and card lists and am ashamed to say I have never been so behind, I will get there though. Once Halloween is over I will crack on with christmas, we are having a little halloween party for the kids and have been getting bits and bobs for a few months, I will be making cup cakes and chocolate apples, we are lighting the fire basket and decorating the garden and having bbq food along with baked potatoes. I have gor some spooky music and got a brilliant cd rom Poundland with The Munsters theme tune, The Adams Family theme, The Monster Mash and many more. I got glow sticks for the kids and Emily will be a witch dressed in black and purple.

I am off to tidy up and go and play in my craft room x Dawn


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