After reading yet another great post from Caroline from I decided to take part in the fours post. I loved her choices, here are mine.

Places I go

1.School, we walk there and back every day in all weathers

2.Morrison’s for my food shop

3.Dunelm Mill Homewares

4.Merryhill shopping Centre

Crushes I have

1.Colin Firth

2.Greg Wise

3.Gerard Butler

4.Mark Ruffalo

Smells I love

1.New baby smell

2.Bacon cooking….mmmmmm

3.Yankee Candle Clean Cotton fragrance

4. Dolce Vita by Christian Dior

Favourite TV shows

1.TOWIE ….The Only Way Is Essex (reality Show)

2.Made in Chelsea (reality show)

3.Housewives of New York City(reality show)

4.Great British Bake Off

Favourite Movies ( soooo hard like so many)

1.Pretty woman

2.13 Going on 30

3.When Harry Met Sally



1.Soap and Glory Heel genius

2.Dylon Colour Catchers

3.Sugar Free jelly

4.Take time out of your day or week if time is precious for some me time, do something for you, bubble bath, pedicure, read a book or watch a DVD.

People That I would love to read their fours

Hope you will post your fours

x Dawn




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