A child free lunch


I am going out to town with my Friend Karen and then having lunch, not done it for a while and now Emily is back at school and her girls (6 and 4) are back at school it will be the first time in quite a few years that we can enjoy a child free, noise free/mess free lunch! it may not seem a big deal for some but for us it is. I am looking forward to the peace, just sitting, chatting and eating without interruption, heaven !

I have started reading now Emily is back at school, I am reading One Day written by David Nicholls. I know the film has had some bad reviews but the book had great reviews and I have been waiting to get it, John popped into Sainsbury’s and it was on offer so he got it for me. So far it is a good read and I am enjoying it, trouble is I start reading in the afternoon and I could quite easily nod off!

I have been menu planning for a while and it is paying off as we are saving £20 to £30 a week and we have no waste either. I have been very frugal too, blitzing left over bread to make crumbs to freeze, perfect for making herb crusts for lamb or fish. Cooking batches of bolognaise and chilli and freezing, ideal for quick lunches and making sure I use all of the veggies in the fridge , although I did throw away a rather floppy leek! I could have used that for a leek and potato soup too!

I have not drunk Diet Coke for ages and feel so much better, less bloating and hardly any cramps, I drink flavoured water now, much better for me. I have failed to cut out cheese altogether, however I have not had any blue cheese and biscuits for quite a while and that along with Bounty bars were my weakness.

I have been walking to school and back so that is 4 trips a day which is quite good but due to not feeling too good I have not done any long walks yet.

I have sorted out 3 cupboards, all my make up and wardrobe so am on the way to being more organised, I plan all outfits and have everything ready for the school run the night before so we don’t have any rushing around in the mornings.

I am feeling a bit more positive about our finances, we are still in debt and will be for a while and are living week to week but we have set up payment plans with our creditors and although we don’t have much left at the end of the week we can have little treats now like my lunch out today.

x Dawn




3 thoughts on “A child free lunch

  1. So nice to read your having some ‘me’ time 🙂 and it sounds like your doing ok 🙂
    Hows the diet going??
    Since getting the kids back to school i keep meaning to get into a nice routine but stuck in a bit of a rut and need to get organised 🙂


  2. diet is really off track but I am shopping in the morning and trying to eat more SW friendly, i dropped a dress size when doing SW but these jeans are really tight now ! need to get off my bum and get some exercise too, a stroll in the park with Alfie is not exercise! x dawn x


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