Back to school tomorrow


So the school holiday’s are over and Emily is back at school tomorrow, she is really excited as she has missed her friend’s she has seen a few of the girl’s in the holiday’s as she has been to three Birthday Parties and also she bumped into some in the play park.

She has all new uniform, shoes and PE kit and a new coat,I have even got her hats,scarves and gloves ready for the winter along with some ear muffs which she can’t wait to wear and judging by todays windy weather it will not be long before she gets her wish!

The school holiday’s seem to have gone so fast, perhaps it is because I only have Emily Monday to Friday . We did lots of nice things and she also did stuff with her Dad, Tanya ( her Dad’s partner) Keah (Tanya’s daughter) and Mason Emily and Keah’s Brother. The weather was rubbish, we did have a few nice days so we made the most of them by either spending the day in the garden or park. We went to the park a few times and the new water play area was opened a few weeks ago, we went to a fun day in the park,there were rides and puppet shows and a few rides and best of all Emily’s favourite candy floss. We went shopping and lunch out one day for her uniform.

Last week we went to the cinema to see Horrid Henry , Emily chose Macdonald’s for lunch before hand and then polished off popcorn in the cinema, she really enjoyed the film and so did I , she laughed quite a lot, after that we went to the shops and she has a pink Hobby Horse (well she is a unicorn).

We baked fairy cakes and made pizza , did painting, play dough and colouring. We spent lots of time learning to do the hoola hoop and skipping, she can skip now and she is so pleased! we played skittles and bowling , I raided the charity shops for story books and got quite a haul ranging from fifteen pence to a pound, she loves her bedtime stories,all in all I think she has a good Summer.

She is now sitting playing matching shapes on her DS, I have got all her uniform ironed and labelled and ready, so we are popping to see my Mum and Dad. coming home, putting her in the bath, story and bed. I am looking forward to having the day to myself for a while but i know the house will be so quiet.

I have a few things I want to do in my spare time apart from clean, I have books waiting to be read and am looking forward to putting my feet up in the afternoon and reading for a few hours before I have to go and pick her up.

X Dawn



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