September goals


I was reading one of my favourite blogs and the author Caroline posted her goals for September and she got me thinking, I have failed on so many goals I had set myself over the last few months, weight, exercise,books I wanted to read,projects around the house. I know having Emily here and being off school has changed my routine somewhat but that is just no excuse for the weight and exercise failings.

So today is a new month and a new start, here are my goals for this month.

1. Weight, lose weight, I know I can do it and I need to do it and I will do it!

2. Excercise, I am so lazy and admit it, I hate the gym but I want to cycle, swim and walk, all easy and things I enjoy.

3. Finish Emily’s room, things have held us up but it is taking far too long, John is so slow and I need to get him motivated to get it done, I have so many cute things to put in there and she needs her own space, once it is done I can have my office back which is where her stuff is now.

4.Get the whole house sorted and clean and get all the DIY stuff finished ( make a dent in it this month)

5. Create a capsule wardrobe, it costs less and I have already started getting a few pieces (sales) , it should be easy . I have sorted out all my clothes and have donated a lot to the cancer research shop. I am apple shape and have been looking at stuff that suits my shape rather than buying baggy stuff which I know makes you look bigger.

6. Read, because Emily is here and has been off school it has been impossible to read, I started two books and put them down I can’t seem to get into them so when she is back at school I am going to find some time in the day to sit and read.

7. Organise, I love to be organised and I seem to have let things slide where being organised is concerned.I  need to get my note books and diary sorted.

8. Have a couple of date nights , we never go out and if we do it is usually during the day, shopping and lunch but I want to go out somewhere and do stuff together, cinema , bowling etc and a nice meal.

9. Pamper time , make some me time, I have so many beauty products just sitting waiting to be used so I have decided that one night a week as soon as Emily is in bed I will have a good long soak, light my favourite candle, put on some relaxing music and get out all my lotions and potions, this one I can’t wait to do!

10. Spend time with my friends, I used to go out to lunch once a week with a good friend but since the kids have been off school it has been so hard catching up so I want to make a lunch date once a week, a break from the everyday stuff, friends are so important and I love putting the world to rights over a nice lunch and coffee or wine .

There are my September goals, thank you for the inspiration Caroline , read her great blog here

x Dawn


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