25th is Rudolph Day


So it is the 25th of the month and in our house that means it is Rudolph Day!  Rudolph day is a day for Christmas preparations, planning or doing something Christmassy, today we had a very special visitor to our house, Emily found a little Elf sitting amongst her teddies and the Elf had a letter for Emily from Santa asking her if she liked her presents last year, he explained that Jingles the Elf would visit from time to time bringing treats or christmassy things to do and he would be keeping an eye on Emily for Santa and she would let him know how good and kind she was being.

Emily was so excited to get the letter and meet Jingles and she had her drink in her Christmas mug this morning too. Emily wrote Santa a letter saying she loved Jingles and hope she would come back soon, Jungle has now gone back to the North pole and would come back soon I am sure.

Emily with Jingles the Elf and her letter from Santa

 I told Emily she was a special girl to be getting a visit from Jingles and we are going to make a scrap-book and put all our Christmassy plans and things we do in it. I want to make special memories for her and I knew she would love this. She is so funny, she took me in to the kitchen and shut the door so Jingles could not hear and asked all sorts of questions . how did she get here? Why can’t she talk? why can’t she stay? she also asked if I thought Jingles would bring her a candy cane from the North pole as she loves them!  I am so pleased she is believing all this as I will have so much fun playing tricks and leaving little treats and letters for Emily.

Today we are going to see Horrid Henry at the local cinema she is so excited, she is more excited about the popcorn I think even though we have it at home all the time. I asked where she wanted o go for lunch (knew the answer before asking) and she chose Macdonald’s (yuk) oh well I did ask, near the cinema we have a pub where they do food, Pizza Hut ( hoped she would choose Pizza Hut), KFC, Nando’s, Chinquento or Macdonald’s . So cheese burgers all round then!
After the cinema I am taking Emily to see her Mum, she is supposed to come here once a week but doesn’t so I take Emily there, we stay for a couple of hours.
Emily is sleeping at her Dad’s tonight a day early as I have my mammogram early in the morning, I am dreading it to be honest but have been waiting quite a while for one, my Sister found a small lump in her breast 6 years ago and when she had her mammogram they found tumours deep in the breast, she would not be her today if she had not had the mammogram. She had aggressive cancer and had to have chemo and radio therapy after her partial mastectomy, she had cancerous lymph nodes too, she has also had her ovaries removed after enduring painful injections for a year, she has been through the ringer but is still here thanks to the treatment, she said she felt like it was killing her even though she knew it was helping her to stay alive. I never forget the call she made to tell me she had cancer! I will also never forget how brave she was when she lost her hair and wore her wig or bandana and when her hair was growing back, she always smiled , my brave sister.
My Sister was seeing a genetic specialists and after some research into our family history , as we had Aunts who dies with breast cancer on my dad’s side of the family, it was decided that I too needed an early mammogram, it did not happen and now I am 50 I have one any way because of my age, I just hope and pray for the all clear, I could not handle what my sister went through!
X dawn

2 thoughts on “25th is Rudolph Day

  1. dawn060861

    John had the all clear ans the mammogram was painless. Emily got so excited when Jingles came to visit, I got the idea form a Christmas website and thought she would be into it. I am putting together of a scrapbook and filling it with all the fun stuff we do and hopefully she will remember and be able to pass on all the things we did. I want to break the cycle and raise a well adjusted little girl. her Mum had no mothering skills like her Mum and Emilys first few years were spent being looked after by her Dad, Great Grandmother (on her Mum’s side) and now me and her Dad and Tanya together.
    She is coming six and is so excited about Christmas and Birthdays ! she does not really ask for a lot but has clear ideas of the things she likes, she is such a loving child and is into playing Mummy with her dolls and teddies.
    I love having her here but I know that at some point she will be going back to her Dad full time, being with her Mum is not an option as she has 2 other children and si now pregnant again. So as long as she is here I want ther to have fun, when she first came she was on the naughty step more times than I can remember and I used to go to bed in tears but I can’t rememer the last time she was on it. I must be doing something right lol.
    x Dawn


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