Busy week


We have been quite busy here , I had blood tests to check my anemia on Tuesday and after the doctors I took Emily to see her Mum and Sister Lucy it was Lucy’s Birthday, we got her a Hello Kitty coat that was suitable to wear in the autumn as she starts nursery in September, we also got her some hair bands and frilly socks also for nursery ( her Mum asked for clothes or stuff for school). Emily had fun painting and then had some Birthday cake.

Emily and I caught up with my friend Lynne and her Grandaughter Ruby who is a year old, we went for a pub lunch and afterwards took the girls to the pet shop to see the rabbits and fish, we did a bit of shopping before going home.

I had made John an appointment to see the doctor as he had been having sharp stabbing pains in his chest, he has always been fit and never smoked but because of his Mum’s condition ( his Mum passed away when she was just 52 from a massive hear attack) the doctor said she wanted to run some tests. tomorrow he having a chest x-ray ECG, and blood tests, he is worried but we will wait and see what happens when we get the results, she fast tracked the tests and he is at the hospital in the morning.

Lucy, Emily’s three year old Sister is staying with us Monday to Friday , they spent most of the day playing in the garden yesterday and after lunch they came in to play with plasticine and cutters etc, it kept them busy for quite a while, they do play nice together but Lucy cries to get her own way quite a lot but Emily was having none of it. Today as soon as they got up at 6am ( yes 6am!) they asked for the plasticine so when they had breakfast they were playing . I was able to check my e mails etc and e-bay. The weather is not as nice here today so we will have indoor games and play today. I am taking them out tomorrow, we are going to a nice park, weather permitting, if not we will go to Dizzy kids, an indoor play centre, it will keep them busy for the afternoon.

I have been reading some fashion blogs and have found a few I like, they have style ideas for my age and size, I have been trying to update my wardrobe and put together key pieces and then add bits and pieces when I can afford them, a sort of capsule wardrobe.  I already have the black trousers, dark jeans and beige mac and a few other pieces that were suggested . I am looking for a black shift dress that can be worn casual with flat shoes or dresses up with boots, I found one I love in Matalan and just £18

shift dress I love it and have to get this, what a bargain! It can be worn with a shrug, long-sleeved cardigan or jacket, it can be dressed up or down.I could not wear it by itself because I do not like the tops of my arms. I am on the look out for some nice knee-high boots, my suede ones have seen better days. I had a wardrobe clear out and have been very ruthless, it needed to be done. I am pleased I did because I had been hanging on to stuff that I had never worn, hardly worn and stuff I did not even like! I have very little to wear now which is why I need to get stuff that I can mix and match and at a good price. I have a very limited budget.I want a really good white shirt which can also be smart or casual, smart worn with a jacket, casual worn under a boyfriend style cardigan or worn on it's own,belted and worn over black trousers. I have a grey boyfriend cardigan but want to get two more, a black one and a red one, I loved in my old black one last winter and it had to go as it went baggy and bitty ( need to take more care of my clothes). I have a few nicer evening wear tops that go with smart black trousers. I want to find a good fitting skirt that comes to my knee and I can wear with my boots of flats and have seen a few Per Una ones I like in M&S but need to find a colour and pattern I like, I will go in store and try a few on, but will look on e-bay to see if I can find one before paying M&S prices. Like the length and style of this Per Una skirtLove this one and it is reduced to £12Like this one and perfect with opaque tight of which I am a fan!

Will go into the store and do some trying on , popping to town on Friday , I hope the style suits me because I hardly ever wear skirts and my denim one went to the charity shop.
I have just started reading this

I wanted to read the book before I saw the film.

better go and get the rug rats dressed as it is nearly half nine , thanks for reading my blog  x Dawn