My recent e-bay goodies


The last 2 weeks I have been looking for stuff on e-bay to save some pennies and have got the following goodies.

vintage Elf doll

I got this vintage Elf doll as I am doing visits from Santa’s Elf in the run up to Christmas, it is a thing I read about in a Christmas blog and think Emily will love the letters and goodies and stuff to make from jingle the Elf. She was £4.69 including p&p.

Wooden pink and white painted hearts

I got a set of 2 pretty little hearts to hang in Emily’s room they have the shabby chic look I love. They cost £3.80 for 2 including p&p.
Red wooden button style necklace

I got this necklace to replace a red one that I broke, it was a bargain £3.99 including p&p, I hope it is as pretty as it looks, I already have a multi stranded button style one in green and I love it.

Jane Shilton 2 inch sandals black

 I threw away a scruffy pair of sandals and replaced them with these they are used but excellent condition and just £5 including p&p.

Brand new in box school shoes for Emily she is now a 10!

 these were a bargain and they look so much nicer than the photo, they were £8.29 including p&p a bargain!

I chose the black wedges

I wanted some wedges to wear with a longer length trouser or a dress and I thought these looked nice and the arrived today and I am so pleased with them,they are not too high and I can walk in them, I chose the black ones and they were £20 including p&p

 I love e-bay x Dawn


2 thoughts on “My recent e-bay goodies

  1. Caroline

    Hey Dawn … You are NEVER boring. Delighted with your purchases esp the red necklace which I’d love too. Have an addiction to jewellery!


  2. dawn060861

    aww thanks, I broke a black and red beaded one recently and ave yet to fix it but saw that and the other bargains so my Birthday money went on them, the wedges are really nice x Dawn


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