Week 1 of the Summer Holiday’s


This week is the official start of the School holiday’s and Emily is with her Dad and Step Mum this week as her Dad is off work for a week, she has had conjunctivitis but her eye looks so much better now. She had a brilliant school report and her Dad got her a lovely gift she had some moonsand and loads of moulds (mouldable sand) , her teacher and TA were really emotional as they got attached to all the kids, it is her teacher’s first year as a qualified teacher, she is lovely. We had a meet and greet and her year 1 teacher seems very nice and she has a full-time TA and a part-time TA. Emily said she is sad to leave but looking forward to being in year 1.

Emily doing her model pose







John and I went to his Aunts funeral yesterday , sad but at least she is no longer suffering, she had emphysema and kidney failure which was I am afraid caused by years of smoking and drinking. Not a nice way to go but after being warned many times she did not quit either drinking or smoking. She lost her Husband quite a few years ago and hit the bottle and had smoked for years, we went to see her in hospital a few days before she passed away and she was so very thin and weak and was on breathing machines, she had dialysis but it was all too much for her to cope with and in the end her organs just packed up.

On a lighter note……   I have been to the doctors today and he was really pleased that since January I have lost 2 stone, I however am not,I think it is really slow and have in the past lost a stone a month , my blood pressure is normal , I am on medication for this but the weight loss is a big factor, I am due for blood tests for my anemia but all in all he said I am ok, yeh!

I will be the big 50 on the 6th of August and John is taking me to the Cotswolds for a long weekend, he can’t get any longer off work but I am fine with that and am looking forward to the break, my Mum is treating me to a shopping day in Chester and Cheshire Oaks shopping village on Sunday as part of my Birthday treat which will be nice.

Emily came to see me today and gave me the biggest hug, she was on the way to town but is coming back for lunch with her Dad and Step Mum and Mason her Brother, I took the easy option and on the way home from the doctors went to Morrison’s for a cooked chicken,stuffing, coleslaw,salad and rolls and some mini chocolate brownies for after, I just don’t feel like cooking now but am making a curry later for dinner.

I have Emily back next week and I am taking her to see horrid Henry at the cinema she is looking forward to it, it is a film version of a popular kids programme that she loves to watch. She will then have a choice of places to eat….maccies here we come then!

Alfie has his jabs this week and like me I think he is missing his walks by the sea ! We had to sell our beloved little caravan and miss it as we spent some lovely weekends in South Devon. When we have sorted all our finances out and got straight we may buy another. I am now getting child benefit and tax credits for Emily which is a big help, uniforms and shoes to buy and all the stuff she needs for her new bedroom, pics when it is done, better go and get lunch sorted then     x Dawn






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