What I did this week


When Emily went to school on Monday I decided to de clutter the kitchen , re arrange the cupboards and managed to gain 1 food cupboard which I intend to fill with bargain buys, I found a few out of date packets of spices but as I had cleaned the cupboards not so long ago I was pleased not to have to throw much away, I hate waste. My kitchen is organised and clean.

Tuesday I did the living room, organised and cleaned it from top to bottom and apart from the few magazines and newspapers for the recycle there was not much to get rid of.

On Wednesday I took Emily to visit her Mum after school , we stayed a few hours, she played and her Mum cooked her tea, she took some of the things she had done at school to show her Mum. It was not as bad as I thought it would be , her Mum was supposed to be coming to my house to see her every week but does not come, and I have to put my feeling aside because good or bad she is still her Mum and she Emily does want to see her. She said she wants to see her sometimes but does not want to sleep there. 

On Thursday we went to visit John’s Aunt Eileen in hospital, she is very ill and we were shocked when we saw her she looked so frail and thin, she is being fed through tubes and is barely conscious. She has kidney failure and breathing problems.

I watched The killing on channel 4  and thought it was very good , I can’t wait to see next week and hopefully find out who did it.

Friday’s  Emily goes to stay with her Daddy, I picked her up from school and we got drenched! despite using a massive brolly ! the weather has been terrible ! we dropped her off and John and I did the food shop .

Saturday I was babysitting my Grandaughter Millie she is nearly 5 months, my Son and his Fiancee were moving into a new apartment so I took Millie out for the day, we went to Merry Hill shopping centre with John.

Sunday I decided to have a lazy(ish) day, we had a lie in and then had a lovely cooked breakfast, I sat in my PJ’s most of the morning before deciding to get dressed and get some housework done!  I also baked one of my favourite cookies, peanut butter! they are yum!

Emily is settling here I am pleased to say, she is doing well in school, her reading is really good and we are working hard on her numbers too. She is in an end of term production Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday and is looking forward to it, the theme is the sea, she has been singing all the songs and doing all the dances and I am looking forward to seeing it tomorrow afternoon.

I want to get all the de cluttering and deep cleaning out of the way in time for Emily to break up for the summer so I only have to the basics to keep the house tidy, we have loads planned but hope the weather is nice as a lot of the stuff we are going to do is outdoors.

I have my planner filled in the for rest of the year and am now in the habit of checking it every day, I love lists and my to do list is a godsend, I would never remember everything I have to do, I have a copy of the fridge in the utility room. I find myself checking it 4 or 5 times a day.

I am off now , I am going to see my Son’s new apartment. I have not got them a house-warming gift yet but will find out what they need. They are so excited and have been getting loads of stuff together for sometime . John went there last night as he was helping to move some of the bigger stuff in and he said it is so nice, I am dying to see it!  and then Emily will be home, bath story and bed, big day for her tomorrow with her production.


 x Dawn


2 thoughts on “What I did this week

  1. Hi Dawn,
    After a hectic few months I’m finally catching up a bit with my Google reader and just wanted to say what you are doing for your son by helping with your granddaughter is fantastic! My mother has raised both my nephew (now 21 and a father himself!) and now my niece (seven years old and quite an attitude) and I know first-hand that it is not easy. My mum is a member of GAP (Grandparents As Parents) who have been a great help for her – I’m not sure if you have a branch in your area and I know that you only have Emily during the week but they may be worth looking into.
    All the best, Leanne Xx


    • dawn060861

      Thank you so much for your lovely comments, I will look into GAP in my area , I love having Emily and she is such a happy girl, she had a glowing school report and it was mentioned that she is now very calm and settled.

      Dawn x


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